Interstellar Transport Company : gameplay et premier succès

En bref. Voici une nouvelle bande-annonce diffusée le mois dernier pour cet original jeu de gestion d’une entreprise de transport et incidemment de colonisation à l’échelle galactique. Jeu toujours en plein développement mais qui a néanmoins réussi à passer le cap des 10 000 exemplaires vendus depuis qu’il est arrivé en version Early access il y a un an.

Au passage les développeurs ont récapitulé les améliorations effectuées et celles à venir via une feuille de route que vous trouverez dans le récent communiqué ci-après.

Pour plus d’informations sur Interstellar Transport Company, dont la sortie pourrait avoir lieu en février prochain, si tout va bien, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site de MT Worlds.



1yr, 10k sales! A look at how far we’ve come and updated roadmap.

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been over a year since we first released Interstellar Transport Company to early access! It honestly seems like just a few months ago. We’re also extremely happy to say we’ve made over 10,000 sales of our game with a very good 85% review rating on Steam. All of this is a magical feeling for us! Thank you so much to everyone for your support, encouragement, and appreciation of our game.

While it wasn’t enough for us to quit our day jobs and focus all of our time on the game, we have been able to get a ton of content and systems added to ITC since launch. I just wanted to take a moment and go through some of what we added since August 16th, 2017.

– We’ve fixed the major balance and performance issues found at launch.
– Multiplayer is no longer a “stutterfest”, it feels just like playing singleplayer but 10x better with human opponents. Give it a try if you haven’t already!
– You can lose the game in predefined games (BIG changes to this again coming in the next content patch, maybe a month away)
– Added Mac & Linux support and some basic localization for ~15 different languages. It’s not perfect by any means, mostly using Google translate, but it should allow people in those nations to play.
– New Ships and routes screens with much more functionality and information.
– 3 new ships since launch, many more to come soon!
– Hotkeys for game speed, pausing etc… many other quality of life changes like this.
– Ship refitting & ship replacement with newer models.
– List of current buildings on a planet and redesigned interface for constructing buildings.
– Tons of interstellar re-balances and fixes to make this more playable.
– Entire UI and individual windows are now scalable
– Market prices now visible at each planet (even more easily accessible info coming soon with the new spaceports screen which is a WIP)
– 7 new cargoes and complete re-balance of existing cargoes. New cargo bays, buildings etc… to support these new cargoes.
– New more fair reputation system with more visibility of information.
– And most recently completely new UI graphics!

This isn’t the end though, we still have quite a bit to complete from our roadmap! Here is what we plan on completing over the coming months before full launch which is very tentatively scheduled for February 2019:

– We will be putting in a tech tree system along with adding many new ships to the game. This is already in production and we hope to have this patch out to you all in about a month’s time.
Next we will be implementing some autonomous transportation using transport hubs. You’ll see a lot of information about this after the tech tree system is in place!
– We will possibly be adding more incentive for players to subsidize industries (maybe giving them some percentage of goods directly to company storage)
– Interstellar obstacles
– Contracts from local governments
– Buildable jump gates
– Additional starting scenarios for predefined games
– Ranked multiplayer game mode

These next two items may possibly be pushed out until after full launch:
– We will be implementing our politics and factions system. This will introduce interstellar wars, nations and nation-wide reputations, embargoes etc.. We are considering pushing this out to gather even more information about how it will impact gameplay. During design brainstorming sessions it seems like a lot of work for very little impact on acutal gameplay. We are very open to feedback however!!
– Stock market system

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  1. Chose rare, je trouve l’illustration musicale de ce trailer vraiment très sympa ! Si la B.O. du jeu est du même tonneau, j’achète rien que pour ça :) Autrement, j’ai cru voir qu’en 2050 l’humanité aura commencé à coloniser Vénus ? Sérieux les gars, là on est au-delà de la science-fiction, tout de même ! :D

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