Iron Harvest : bande-annonce

Voici un court trailer pour cette future déclinaison en STR de l’univers bien connu des joueurs du jeu de plateau Scythe (voir cette brève), réalité alternative aussi appelée 1920+ fruit de l’imagination du talentueux illustrateur Jakob Rozalski. Vidéo qui en résumé offre un aperçu de ce que seront les batailles en multijoueur.

Pour plus d’informations sur Iron Harvest, projet financé avec grand succès via Kickstarter en avril dernier, actuellement en plein développement, et dont la date de sortie n’est pas encore connue. voyez le site officiel.



Alpha 2 Out now!

A successful 2018 is coming to an end and to close the year out we have released Alpha 2 (Multiplayer)!

Everyone who supported us via Kickstarter or our store with $55 or more will receive an e-mail today with info on how to get it. Please see “How to get Alpha 2” below for details.

You can still support us on and get access to the Alpha 2 if you have not done so yet. You can also upgrade your pledge there if you bought a lower tier but want to get access to Alpha 2.

Our second Alpha focuses on multiplayer, new units for the Polania and Saxony factions, and improvements based on your feedback for Alpha 1. It’s still a very early version of the game, so expect things to not always work as intended and expect us to change things in the future.

This is what this slice of Iron Harvest has to offer:

Two 1v1 maps (multiplayer & skirmish against AI).
One 2v2 map (multiplayer & skirmish against AI; co-op).
A reworked version of the first challenge map.
8 infantry units, 10 mechs, 2 weapon systems.
2 playable factions (Polania and Saxony)
Base buildings, bunkers & fortifications.

Our intent for this demo was to get the game up and running with a good number of units so we can collect feedback and data in order to continue our work on balancing.

Check out “What’s in Alpha 2, What Isn’t” to learn more about the features and changes in Alpha 2, compared to Alpha 1.