Labyrinth – The War on Terror : début de la bêta

En bref. Après un léger retard quasi au dernier moment, voilà que la version Accés anticipé de cette adaptation PC du jeu est désormais accessible sur Steam. Voici d’ailleurs une récente bande-annonce montrant le jeu en action. Puis ci-dessous deux autres récentes vidéos où le président de GMT, Gene Billingsley, et le créateur, Volko Ruhnke, détaillent un peu plus le projet.

A noter qu’il a été brièvement confirmé que l’extension du jeu de base sur les années 2010, Labyrinth: The Awakening 2010-?, parue en 2016, et que la suite sur les années à partir de 2015, Labyrinth: The Forever War, 2015-?, en chantier chez GMT, devraient aussi ultérieurement faire l’objet d’une adaptation. Et que le jeu sortira sur Mac, peu après la version PC, mais aussi par la suite sur iOS et Android.

Pour plus d’informations sur Labyrinth : The War on Terror, dont la date de sortie de la version finale n’est pas connue, voyez cette page sur Steam ou cette page chez GMT pour la version sur tables. Ou éventuellement le site des développeurs. Et pour la logique du gameplay notre test de Twilight Struggle.



Good News About Labyrinth!

Hello everyone! We are happy to finally announce that Labyrinth: The War on Terror will be available on Steam Early Access this Thursday, March 12th! Thank you for your patience and continuous support


Annonce sur le retard

Labyrinth Submission Update

Thank you again for your patience. We are happy to report that we are back in submission review with Steam and hope to have approval for the Early Access release by next week. We will update everyone with the release date at that time. A few key points to note:

– Steam asked us to apply a Mature Content warning to the game which we have done.

– Steam had issues creating an online Playdek account which have been resolved.

– Though the game supports 64bit Catalina, we will initially release the game on PC only due to Apple’s Notarization requirement for Mac builds that takes affect with macOS 10.15 Catalina. This notarization requirement is causing problems with a large set of Unity plug-ins and we are working through these issues so that the notarization requirement will be met. We don’t anticipate the Mac version being more than a week or two behind the PC Early Access release and will let everyone know when it is available.

– Once we gain approval, we will announce the final Early Access pricing, which will be at a discount from the full pricing that will take affect when the game comes out of Early Access.

– We do plan on supporting both iOS and Android platforms. These will come out later (pending platform approvals) and we will make an announcement when we have a release date for those platforms. We don’t anticipate having support for those platforms until at least Summer 2020.

Again, we really appreciate the support for the game and look forward to getting it out. Thanks!


Précédent communiqué

Playdek and GMT Games are proud to announce that Labyrinth: The War on Terror will be coming to Steam Early Access on February 27th!

Playdek, the award-winning digital board game developer and publisher, have announced they are bringing the card driven strategy game Labyrinth: The War On Terror to digital via Steam Early Access.

Labyrinth immerses players in the world of counter-terrorism through the broad scope of the global war on terror. In the 2 player mode, one player takes the position of the jihadists, seeking to spread fundamentalist rule over the Muslim world, while the opposing player takes the role of the U.S., neutralizing terrorist cells while encouraging Muslim democratic reform. In the 1-player, bot driven solitaire mode, the player operates as the U.S., taking on challenges to defeat al-Qaeda and its allies.

“I love the passion, skill, and care that Playdek puts into the digital versions of GMT games”, says Gene Billingsley, President of GMT Games. “They maintain absolute fidelity to each game’s look, process, and strategies, while bringing us all a unique and faster-playing experience in digital. I was thrilled with the elegance with which they crafted both Twilight Struggle and Fort Sumter, and can’t wait to see their release version of Labyrinth!”

Labyrinth: The War On Terror was created by the award winning board game designer and retired CIA Analyst, Volko Ruhnke. He is known for his creation of the popular COIN series of games based on the concept of modern insurgency. These notable games include, Fire In the Lake, Cuba Libre and Falling Sky. Ruhnke has displayed a mastery of strategic analysis in his designs and is an expert in asymmetrical game design flow.

– “In the world of role-playing war games, VolkoRuhnkehas become a hero” –Washington

– “Acclaimed designer VolkoRuhnkegives a whole new meaning to the term “serious games” –Polygon

– 2010 James F. Dunnigan Design Elegance Award Winner

– 2010 Charles S. Roberts Best Post-WW2 Era Board Wargame Winner