L’add-on de War in the East est dispo

Si vous trouviez que War in the East n’était pas encore assez monstrueux pour un wargame, voici une extension pour étoffer un peu plus le jeu.

Matrix Games, Slitherine, and 2by3 Games announced today the release of the expansion to War in the East, titled Don to the Danube. The new expansion adds dozens of scenarios and battles. Don to the Danube is available for $14.99 for digital download and $24.99 for physical through the Matrix Games online store.

To grab the expansion, click here for the official product page.

War in the East, for those unfamiliar with the game, is set during WWII when the Germans invade the Soviet Union during Operation Barbarossa. As a turn-based strategy game, players will have to manage their army down to the division and brigade level, with 10-mile-scale hexes on the massive Eastern Front. Taking in account historical terrain, weather, orders of battle, logistics, supply, experience, and other important bits of information, players will face the challenge of either defending the Motherland from German invasion, or force out the Soviet Union as general of the Wehrmacht.

In Don to the Danube expansion, players will be taking on several later war scenarios that come in a variety of sizes, such as the short but intense 6-tiurn Battle for Kharkov or the humongous 37-turn engagement that takes place across multiple nations in Drama on the Danube, which covers the time of summer of 1944 to spring of 1945. Don to the Danube also gives players the chance to take part in controlling important operations such as Operation Uranus, the encirclement of the German 6th Army at Stalingrad, the Cherkassy Pocket and others.

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