Land of the Vikings : screenshots et démo

Parmi les titres qui vont être mis en avant ces prochains jours, voici une nouvelle démo pour ce futur city-builder allant proposer de gérer un village viking afin d’en faire une ville florissante. Jeu qui vous confrontera également aux catastrophes naturelles et à des raids ennemis, et qui vous demandera aussi de développer le commerce. De plus le jeu devrait simuler assez en détail la gestion des habitants, ces derniers allant être modélisés via une vingtaine de caractéristiques qu’il vous faudra prendre en compte pour optimiser votre cité.

Voilà donc une palette de choix de gameplay qui semble bien variée et qui pourrait donner lieu à un jeu hachement sympathique et relativement original, une fois passée la phase Accès anticipé à venir prochainement (en fin d’année, selon les runes). Voyez les quelques nouveaux screenshots suivants pour vous faire une meilleure idée du jeu.

Seul petite ombre au tableau, cette seconde démo sera éphémère, n’étant disponible que jusqu’au 26 prochain, dépêchez-vous d’en profiter.

Pour plus d’informations sur Land of the Vikings, voyez cette page sur Steam.




Expectations for this upcoming city-builder are increasing after its announcement at Gamescom and now a NEW DEMO is ready to be shown at Tacticon (22-26/09)!

What can be expected of this new demo? Gameplay getting more exciting and challenging for sure!

Your village falling apart because of fire and earthquakes wasn’t enough? New disasters coming up, maybe an unexpected thunderstorm could suddenly surprise you and your villagers.

Now you will also have the opportunity to build your boats and ships, strategically trade with other villages with its unique trading system, and of course, to accomplish new objectives!

Check it out at Tacticon and add it to your wishlist over here!

Skal Vikings!

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Devlog #2 — The New Demo

Greetings Vikings!

We’re back with another devlog, this time to briefly showcase the new and improved demo, which will be available during the Tacticon event on Steam (September 22-26th).

This demo comes with two ways to play. You can experience the game from scratch like last time, but on a new map. Alternatively, you could try a specially created scenario meant for more experienced players. We’ve also increased the in-game day limit from 30 to 45, so there’s more city building for you to enjoy.

This map should be a bit more challenging, as it is more mountainous and complex than the last one. If you are playing for the first time, we recommend playing with the Fresh Start option enabled. This will start the game as usual, with a few houses and Vikings to manage. It will allow you to slowly learn the basics of the game without being overwhelmed.

If you’re a returning player looking for an extra bit of challenge, you can disable Fresh Start
to play a scenario where you start with a pre-made village. This means there are already lots of resources, people, and buildings to manage.

Skilled players will have a chance to explore the shipbuilding and trading systems in this demo as well! Build your shipyard, select your workers, and craft the majestic Viking merchant ship ‘Knarr’. You can start trading by mooring your ship to the Trade Dock.

However, sending villagers on a trading mission is no easy task. Make sure they are stocked up on food and beer before sending them out onto the open sea. Then, choose your strongest Vikings and send them out to plunder! (… or trade. Yeah, trade.)

We hope you enjoy the new demo! Here are some more screenshots of our villages created in the demo.

Remember that the demo will be live from now until September 26th! Let us know what you think on the Steam forums, or join the community on Discord ??



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