Last Days of Old Earth est sorti

En bref. S’inspirant ouvertement du très sympathique Armageddon Empires de Cryptic Comet, et disponible en bêta jouable via Steam Early Access depuis mars dernier, voici cette semaine que Last Days of Old Earth vient d’achever sa période d’essais pour être donc maintenant pleinement jouable. Au registre des récentes mises à jour, à retenir l’ajout d’une campagne solo, puis par exemple précédemment la possibilité d’utiliser des unités aériennes, d’obtenir de nouveaux héros, ou encore d’utiliser des compétences type sabotage et assassinat.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu, voyez ces anciennes vidéos dans la playlist suivante, puis le site officiel, cette page chez l’éditeur, ou celle-ci sur Steam.



Eternal Winter has come…

Last Days of Old Earth leaves Steam Early Access today into Full Release!

Epsom, UK – June 07, 2016.

Many generations ago, the sun began slowly dying, and in turn society too began to weaken. Over countless millennia, resources have dwindled, civilizations have collapsed, and population numbers have fallen.

During Last Days of Old Earth’s time in Early Access, players have learned how to customize armies and forge grand strategies by choosing between dozens of heroes and units. They’ve mastered special abilities, such as sneaking up on the opponent’s hero to assassinate them, or dominating the skies to strike at the heart of the enemy forces from the air.

Thanks to the support and feedback of the players, today Last Days of Old Earth has concluded the final stage of its Early Access period. With the new patch and the recent addition of the single player campaign, the game is now complete, though developers Auroch Digital will continue working closely with the community to ensure Last Days of Old Earth is the best strategy experience possible.

The recently added campaign is set in a far future, where The Skywatchers are one of the last remaining tribes of humanity and players witness their challenging journey. This long travel through glacial wastelands is called the Northwalk, where The Skywatchers desperately struggle to find a new home that can sustain life. But the cold is not the worst enemy out there, something else is lurking…

There are whispers of strange machines out in the wilds. Their plans are unknown. They are the Automata.

The Story update was the last of the major updates following the initial Early Access launch. With this new content, players meet key Heroes such as Seibal, a soldier who have survived for many years alone, and Chanal Goodgrass, a fighter who gambles with her own life readily for the benefit of the greater good.

For all the players that want to know everything about the game and build a specific play-style to prevail against their opponents in the online multiplayer or single player Skirmish mode, the official site is here!

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