Le Free to Play embarque dans Naval Action

En bref. Les amateurs de simulation assez précise des batailles navales à l’âge d’or de la voile seront peut-être curieux de (re)découvrir ce titre sorti il y a quelques années maintenant, et qui ce mois-ci hisse le pavillon de la gratuité.

En effet, le jeu adopte actuellement le modèle Free to Play, ce qui peut sembler être un bon point tout au moins pour découvrir le jeu, mais attention, il y a de nombreux échos très mitigés. A vous de juger si la formule proposée coulera ou non vos espoirs.

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Launch of F2P – Caribbean server, seasonal resets and patch notes

Important information on availability of War and Peace servers during launch.

Access to F2P server (Caribbean) will be open to all paid version users during maintenance on the 19th of October.
Free to play version of Naval Action will be launched on Steam 19th of October at approximately 4-6 PM UTC time/ 9-11 am Seattle (PST) when Valve would manually launch the Free version of the game in the Steam Store.
Unfortunately due some technical specifics of the Steam side and our server tech, War and Peace server will TEMPORARILY be closed for several days. Valve will have to manually support access to old servers for paid users and this will require from several hours to several working days. We apologize for the inconvenience caused. If the temporary shut down will last for more than several hours – compensation will be provided once servers reopen.

New server launch – Caribbean

Caribbean is a seasonal server which will accept all incoming players starting today.
Caribbean server will have 4 seasons:
First season will start on launch of Caribbean server and will end at the end of December 2022.
Caribbean server will have 4 nations:
Dutch might be added in the next seasons.

Important: Caribbean Server – Seasonal Resets

Seasons bring renewal. New players will never again face insurmountable walls of skill, overpowered ships and upgrades. Every new player wave will have the chance for a fresh start every season.
Each new season, you and your clan will be able to choose a new tactic and approach to conquer cities. New clans, new alliances, new wars, a new approach to conquering strategic and profitable places.
First season will start on launch of Caribbean server and will end at the end of December 2022.
The following content will reset on season end:
XP and Crafting XP and Skill Books – will be reset in the first season
All assets – will be reset in the first season
All player investments in crafting – will be reset in the first season but compensated at the beginning of the new season
Naval Service Medals – all accumulated naval service medals will be sent to the player money wallet account in Season 2.
At season 2 start all players on the Caribbean will start at lvl 0 and will have earned NSM in store

New patch has also been deployed
Patch changes

Caribbean Server Port ownership leaderboard points will only come from 2 regions
Combat for these regions will create a more defined compact active war. At the same time, small clans or groups of players who do not want to take part in a fierce war for prestige and service medals will be able to capture regions and cities all over the map for crafting and taxation.
Ship crafting changes
All ships will require permits to craft.
Permits can be gained from open world and mission NPCs and rarely from ship disassembly.
Permits will have an increased chance of drop from special events when they happen.
Upgrades can no longer be placed into the upgrade chest at Sea.
Leaks and structural leaks have been rebalanced.
Crew on pumps and crew during leaks numbers have been changed. Crew on survival will not grow so drastically when the ship has taken a lot of water.
NPC stats and rank changes.
Experimental ranks added.
Captain/Admiral of the Red – uses damage and reload mods, weak hull strength
Captain/Admiral of the White – uses hull and structure strength mods, weak damage output
Cost of the port battle flag has been reduced to 100 combat medals
Port battle flags are removed from loot. Flags can only be purchased from now on.
Ship hull repairs have been increased to 40%
St Kitts pump bonus lowered to 80%
Grape damage increased by 25%
Ship structure hitpoints have been slightly increased
Costs of warehousing, outposts, additional docks, warehouse space and tow permits have been changed.
Port defense no longer grants points for the Port Battle Leaderboards – to fix arranged defense exploit
PVP Leaderboard (accessible from map) bugs fixed.

*Spotlight image from Captain Bastey from the screenshot competition in June 2021.

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