Accueil Actus Magazines Les annuels ASL ressortent en PDF

Les annuels ASL ressortent en PDF

Voici un bon point pour les amateurs d’ASL, MMP annonce que l’ensemble des annuels d’Advanced Squad Leader est désormais disponible au format PDF. Voilà qui facilitera les choses pour ceux cherchant un des numéros de cet ancien magazine dont la parution débuta en 1989 et s’arrêta en 1997.

Si intéressé, voyez cette page chez Wargame Vault.




MMP is excited to bring you the entire collection of ASL Annuals in PDF format. These items have been out of print for years and are now available for sale in electronic format for the first time.

ASL Annuals contain scenarios, articles, and much more. They are great for players new to ASL or players who want to have electronic copies available from anywhere. Individual issues are $6.00 each or you can get the entire bundle for $34.95.

To order these products, visit our publisher page on Wargame Vault .

Note: The ASL Annual ’97 does not include the Nhpum Ga HASL map.

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