Les Goblins envahissent Master of Magic

Bonne nouvelle pour les amateurs de 4X option Heroic Fantasy ainsi que pour les joueurs s’étant lancés, ou hésitant encore, dans la récente refonte du classique Master of Magic. Une utile mise à jour vient ajouter quatre sorciers supplémentaires, plusieurs héros, différents nouveaux traits et une nouvelle race : les Goblins. Voilà qui permettra de varier un peu plus les situations, en espérant que Slitherine continue encore d’étoffer ainsi ce joli jeu.

Vous trouverez quelques informations supplémentaires, expliquant par exemple les caractéristiques des nouveaux sorciers, dans plusieurs récentes annonces sur Steam ou chez Slitherine.

Par ailleurs, si le sujet du développement du jeu vous intéresse, voyez ci-après ce récent interview vidéo de Muha Games par Das Tactic.

Pour plus d’informations sur Master of Magic, en promotion jusqu’au 13 mars à -31% prochain chez GamesPlanet, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam. Ainsi que notre test.



Master of Magic Summons a free Update

Through the Myrror brings four powerful new wizards, the Goblins faction, new traits, heroes and more to popular epic fantasy 4X game

The wizarding battlefields of Master of Magic have become even more spellbinding with today’s release of the free major update Through the Myrror on Steam, bringing a host of new content to the epic fantasy 4X game. Get ready to challenge both planes of existence with four new grand wizards, the new druidic and diminutive Goblins, new heroes and champions, as well as new skills, monsters, and spells.

Polish studio MuHa Games and strategy publisher Slitherine aim to constantly improve the recently launched Master of Magic, with Through the Myrror being the first of many updates, big and small, to come. Released in December 2022, Master of Magic has been popularly received by both newcomers and veterans of the timeless original from the 1990s.

Get ready for grand wizarding

In Master of Magic, players command one of 14 extraordinary and diverse grand wizards who, locked in spell-flinging competition, aim to dominate the magical worlds of Arcanus and Myrror. They lead fantastic armies of otherworldly creatures, from orcs to elves and dragons, and use potent spells based on a complex system of magic schools, dark rituals, research, and unique items. In the end, there can only be one Master of Magic.

Through the Myrror

The major update summons four new wizards, available to all players of Master of Magic for free. From the powerful Draconian Raa’ss, master of Chaos and Death, to Bianka, the Dwarven Runekeeper. A new faction, the tribal Goblins, can also be controlled. Their size might not impress, but these green-skinned druidic humanoids are supremely in touch with nature, fielding Boar Riders and Beastmasters to battle. Players will also be able to use new hero skills, from Summoning Fat Rats to becoming a Foodie, allowing them to relish the delectable, which in turn strengthens them in combat.

New Wizard traits provide even more personality and power to a player’s magic wielder, such as Fantastic Warlord, Lifebringer, or Nature Summoner. Last, new heroes and champions join the fray: the Goblin Toadsworth the Boartamer, Bjorn the Fireborn, and Jotun the Icetroll. Through the Myrror also brings a host of other updates for all to enjoy in Master of Magic, from new monsters (Boar and Fat Rats) to multi-hex road construction and remappable hotkeys.

Looking for a dose of nostalgia? The classic Master of Magic can now be played as well. Be sure to check out the Steam page and get wizarding!

To celebrate the Through the Myrror launch, Master of Magic is 15% off on sale on Steam and Slitherine digital store.

Master of Magic: Through the Myrror free update is now out on PC

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Master of Magic: Through the Myrror – Deep Dive #1 – New race

A new race is set to join the ranks in the upcoming release of Master of Magic: Through the Myrror, the Goblins.

The game is still in development, some skills/traits are subject to change

These small, green humanoids are known for their great affinity to Nature and beast mastery, and favor tribal structures and natural habitats over civilizational advancements.

Goblins have a unique connection to the fauna of the land, and are known for their skill in beast taming and druidic magic.

While some may describe them as primitive, the Goblins are a formidable force to be reckoned with, and their expertise in beast mastery makes them a valuable addition to any army.

Among their special units are:

Boar Riders:

An elite goblin cavalry, or so they say. Outsiders will describe them as a motley group of slightly deranged gobbos riding well trained, ferocious boars.


Special goblin caster unit with magical ranged attack. The druids are known for their superior affinity to Nature and can even call upon War Bears for aid.

But perhaps the most intriguing unit of all is:

The Beastmaster:

An elite goblin unit that claims to be able to tame even the strongest of beasts. While it may seem like an exaggeration, the Beastmaster has proven himself time and time again with his strong ranged attacks and ability to fly.

And what beast does he have at his command, you ask? An obese vermin – the infamous Fat Rat, is far from ordinary and has been known to cause fear in the enemy.

Will you be joining their tribe in the fight for dominance in the magical realm?

Stay tuned for more updates of Master of Magic: Through the Myrror, a completely free update coming on March 9th.

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