LnL Tactical : Red Gauntlet, For the Emperor et futurs DLC

L’adaptation PC de la série Lock ‘n Load Tactical se poursuit, comme le confirme cette courte présentation vidéo du nouveau DLC Red Gauntlet. Module qui ajoute huit scénarios (certains avec les forces françaises) ainsi qu’une carte supplémentaire.

Pour plus d’informations sur Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital: Red Gauntlet Battlepack, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Attention, c’est un Battlepack différent de celui paru l’an dernier aussi pour Heroes Against the Red Star (voir cette fiche sur Steam). Concernant Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital, toujours en phase Accès anticipé, voyez cette page sur Steam ou sinon le site de l’éditeur.

Au passage sachez que parmi les titres à venir dans cette série il devrait y avoir, on ne sait quand à l’avenir, les suivants :

Précédemment cet été, en juin, il y avait aussi eu Lock ‘n Load Tactical Digital: For the Emperor Battlepack (Pacifique), mais il semble que ce DLC ne soit pas terminé, attention à la mention Early access, c’est peu clair.



Red Gauntlet Battlepack DLC Now Available

Red Gauntlet is an expansion for Heroes Against the Red Star from the Lock ‘n Load Tactical System. Included are eight brand-new scenarios and a new map (26AM). It features fluid, impulse-based turns, squad-level actions, and individual heroics. The scenarios span the entire length of the war, starting with the first American counterattacks in the Gap and desperate efforts to slow down the Soviet juggernaut. We see Soviet Separate Air battalions landing to clear the way for armored spearheads and vicious ambushes against columns of Soviet vehicles.

There are armored formations clashing outside of Frankfurt. We see the French desperately attempting to hold the Soviets at bay in bitter fighting on the streets of Paris and daring rear area raids on supply depots, and the combined NATO last desperate final attempt to stop the Soviet Black Guards Tank Division from reaching Le Havre, and splitting the NATO line from north and south France.

Red Gauntlet Battlepack includes 8 scenarios from the first probes by Soviet infantry to the ultimate, desperate clash for the Important road and Bridges. This is modern street fighting, in the buildings, on the deck of the tanks. Get ready to return to the bloody fields of Europe in Red Gauntlet!

DLC For Emperor Now Available for Download

‘For the Emperor’ is a Battle-pack expansion for ‘Heroes of the Pacific’ from the Lock and Load Tactical system. Included are eight brand-new scenarios. It features fluid, impulse-based turns, squad-level, and individual heroics. The scenarios span the entire length of the war, starting with the Japanese invasion of Wake Island and the Philippine Islands. From the bloody last days of the Japanese on Guadalcanal to the frustrating static warfare on Bougainville. We witness some of the last and largest Banzai attacks on Guam and Saipan. The close and dirty work of clearing Japanese cave networks on Peleliu and then things come full circle as the Allies return to liberate the Philippine Islands.

Get ready to return to the Pacific with “For the Emperor’!
Available Now for LnLT Digital coming soon for our Tabletop Series.