Mars Tactics : trailer et nouvelle démo

Voici une nouvelle bande-annonce présentant ce futur prometteur jeu dont nous vous avions parlé il y a quelques mois. Jeu qui devrait offrir de nombreux degrés de subtilités pour représenter des combats tactiques, et jeu qui de plus devrait être enrichi d’une dimension stratégique. Le tout allant être dans un style graphique rétro, mais pas négligé pour autant, bien au contraire. Probablement une des bonnes surprises vidéoludiques à venir cette année.

Une nouvelle version de la démo du jeu est désormais disponible dans le cadre du festival Tacticon 2023. Le détail des nouveautés dans cette démo n’est pas très clair, mais il s’agit dans tous les cas d’une version offrant plus de contenu (a priori au moins la gestion des tirs de suppression, la destruction du terrain, et de meilleurs graphismes).

Pour en savoir plus sur Mars Tactics, dont la sortie est prévue on ne sait quand en 2023, voyez cette page sur Steam et le Dev Blog par ici ainsi que notre article Mars Tactics : guérilla sur le sol martien.



Breachway, Mars Tactics, and more headline Hooded Horse’s TactiCon 2023 offering

The publisher’s full TactiCon lineup laid bare – new announcements, developer panels, gameplay reveals, discounts, and more!

May 12, 2023 – Hooded Horse is excited to announce its full line-up for TactiCon 2023, the Steam-based strategy convention it’s co-hosting with fellow publisher Firesquid. Featuring new demos, gameplay footage, and discounts, Hooded Horse fans will find plenty to get excited about across the five-day event.

Leading the Hooded Horse contingent of games featured in the event is sci-fi tactical deck-building game Breachway, turn-based strategy game Mars Tactics, and RTS/4X/Survival mash-up Fragile Existence.

Breachway debuts its first public demo, focusing on the game’s tactical combat, where the ship’s loadout will determine what cards make up the deck. Edgeflow Studio is excited to show off recent additions which add further layers to tactical decisions, such as equipment targeting. The demo offers two ships and loadout options and is available via the Breachway Steam page.

Meanwhile, Takibi Games has been putting a lot of work into improving Mars Tactics’ tactical layer and is ready to show off a range of new features. Witness dropships, air strikes, armored dogs, new biomes, and the full power of the turn-based strategy game’s tactical and strategic sandbox in the latest gameplay trailer released for TactiCon 2023.

Make sure to check out the Mars Tactics demo, which has been updated to include new suppression mechanics, terrain destruction, and a host of visual upgrades. You can access it from the Mars Tactics Steam page.

Fragile Continuum has also been hard at work laying more foundations for Fragile Existence and has a new developer video showing off the early game. From entering orbit, to getting a base of operations up and running on a planet, the crucial early moments in a new star system are explored in more detail.

But that’s not all – there are special in-depth dev diaries for espionage-themed grand strategy game Espiocracy, medieval management game Blacksmith Master, and a new update for Against the Storm.

Eremite Games is back with another patch for its award-winning and insanely popular dark fantasy roguelite city builder Against the Storm. The latest update adds new small glade – Treasure Stags, Wandering Merchants, and abandoned Rainpunk Drills – events to make these safer options more interesting. In addition, Eremite has teased an upcoming major roadmap item, the World Map Cycle overhaul.

The game keeps going from strength to strength as it heads towards 1.0, picking up a finalist nomination for IGF 2023’s “Excellence in Game Design” award, and winning the Indie Cup CEE ‘23’s “Most Anticipated Game” and Digital Vikings’ “Best Indie Game 2022” awards.

Ex Vivo Studios has plenty to share regarding Espiocracy. The most recent dev diary describes how contextual events adapt to the player and the strategy game’s sandbox nature to give life to the world, even for major historical events like the moon landing. Espiocracy’s intricate reporting system also keeps the player up-to-date on everything from internal shifts to the actions of outside forces.

Last but certainly not least, Untitled Studios is here with its first dev diary for Blacksmith Master since it was announced earlier in the year. This inaugural look into the game’s development goes over some decisions made to enhance replayability and recent additions, such as new items and an additional crafting resource.

Bringing up the rear are discounts for four of Hooded Horse’s released titles, and demos will be available for other upcoming games, such as:

Xenonauts 2
Sons of Valhalla
Capital Command
Alliance of the Sacred Suns
The Way of Wrath
Fata Deum

TactiCon 2023 runs until May 15, featuring 100+ games with everything from new announcements and gameplay for upcoming titles, to discounts and updates for released games. A showcase aired on May 11 featuring highlights from other studios participating in the event.

A complete list of games and talks can be found on the TactiCon website.


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  1. La démo montre que l’IA tactique ennemi du jeu offre un bon challenge même si la mission proposait est compte tenu du peu d’effectif et des renforts ennemis assez suicidaire.

    J’ai pu quand même faire carton plein après 7 ou 8 essais la carte changeant à chaque fois.

    Les fantassin ennemi on delà du simple scripte en cherchant des LOS, en changeant de position, en repliant si nécessaire et en revenant si possible. Ce n’est pas courant pour des IA

    Par contre l’interface bien que très correcte est moyenne et la vision d’ensemble manque un peu de recul

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