Napoleonic 20 passe chez Decision Games

En bref. VPG s’étant retiré depuis un moment déjà des affaires, l’entreprise ayant été cédé à Tabletop Tycoon, une certaine incertitude plane sur différents titres de ce désormais ancien éditeur.

Pour les amateurs de wargames tactiques napoléoniens, il semble plus que probable que ce soit Decision Games qui reprenne bientôt le flambeau de la série Napoleonic 20. Un sondage vient juste d’être mis en ligne, par ici, pour que chacun puisse contribuer à déterminer le futur de la série Napoleon 20.

Concernant d’autres titres de VPG, reportez-vous au communiqué ci-après, diffusé en début d’année, et au site officiel (particulièrement cette page).



Napoleon 20 Survey

After Victory Point Games retired from the wargame publishing field, the Napoleon 20 series was turned over to Decision Games for consideration to continue the series. We are beginning the process of determining how to proceed. Help us evaluate the Napoleon 20 series so far, and express your interest in how we should proceed with this great series.

1-25. For each previously published Napoleon 20 game listed below, please indicate in the boxes below whether you have a copy of the game and/or have played the game (a and b), your rating of the game (c), and any comments you have about specific games (d).


The Future of Victory Point Games

This post will provide you with insight into the future of Victory Point Games as a publishing imprint of Tabletop Tycoon. If you’re part of our Crimson Courier, you’ve already got this in your email! If you’re not in on the Crimson Courier and you’d like to be, you can sign up here:

Existing Titles

While we are selling existing published titles like Darkest Night and High Treason and working on expansions for Nemo’s War and Dawn of the Zeds, we are moving toward remastering and relaunching the Victory Point Games (VPG) line.

What is Remastering?

Remastering could include updated art, graphics, clarified rules, and upgraded component quality. This will vary by title, so one game might simply have an updated cover where another game might have a more extensive overhaul including all of the changes listed above.

As part of our annual review of our publishing schedule, we’ve reviewed the VPG catalog, and we’ve selected the titles that will be a good fit to publish going forward. We plan to work on remastering existing titles and publishing new titles in 2020 to release in 2021 and beyond.

Titles We Intend to Remaster:

– Cruel Necessity
– Hapsburg Eclipse, Ottoman Sunset, and other States of Siege titles
– Twilight of the Gods
– Zulus on the Ramparts
– Renegade (under a new name)
– Keep Up the Fire!
– The Alamo Remembered
– Cuba: The Splendid Little War

We may also remaster titles like Hero of Weehawken, Empires in America, and others, so stay tuned for details in the coming years. We also plan to move certain titles from the VPG catalog to one of our other imprints to reach a broader audience with an updated focus and presentation. These titles include Healthy Heart Hospital and Trifecta.

New Titles

In addition to these remasters and expansion support for existing lines, we will continue to create new titles carrying on the Victory Point Games tradition of exploring exciting conflicts, including an upcoming game from Ole Steiness, designer of Champions of Midgard, which is currently titled Space Admirals.

Thank You

Thank you to the entire Victory Point Games community for playing and sharing your passion for these titles. We’re excited to continue publishing great games this year and into the future.

Thank you kindly,
Dan Yarrington, Tabletop Tycoon