Naval Campaigns – Kriegsmarine largue les amarres

En bref. WDS confirme que le nouveau volet de la série Naval Campaigns est bien disponible. Intitulé Kriegsmarine, il traite donc via une cinquantaine de scénarios des engagements de la marine allemande dans la mer du Nord et les océans Atlantique et Arctique. C’est aussi le premier jeu dans cette série à bénéficier des améliorations du moteur de jeu depuis la reprise des jeux de John Tiller par WDS.

Pour plus d’informations sur Naval Campaigns: Kriegsmarine, dont nous tacherons de reparler dans quelques temps, voyez cette page chez Wargame Design Studio. A lire également sur cette série notre article Wolfpack : une plongée non sans profondeur mais dépourvue de relief.



Naval Campaigns: Kriegsmarine Released!

WDS is proud to announce the release of the latest entry in the Naval Campaigns series, Kriegsmarine.

In May, 1941 the German Battleship Bismarck sailed into the North Atlantic to challenge the British control of the seas, and threaten her vital convoy routes. That journey would be the stuff of legends, as the Bismarck would blow up the HMS Hood off Iceland, before being run down while making a break for France. However, that was only a small part of the bitter battles fought between the Kriegsmarine and the Royal Navy during the war.

The war between Germany and Great Britain would not only be marked with the thunder of battleship guns, but the explosion of torpedoes launched from Schnellboot against coastal traffic in the English Channel.

In Kriegsmarine you can control the German fleet in actions like the Battle of Denmark Strait, North Cape, or Narvik. You can raid Allied shipping in the Atlantic, North Sea and Baltic while they try to hunt you down and stop you. You can also control the Allied navies leading the hunt to send the Kriegsmarine to the bottom of the ocean floor. The choice is up to you!

Kriegsmarine contains 58 stand alone scenarios as well as 2 campaigns for you to choose from. Actions ranging from small coastal raids to a large fleet hypothetical battle.

This is the first Naval Campaigns title with the latest updates to the engine. The underlying code has been greatly enhanced to not only support the new map graphics and additional zoom levels, but also newer engine and networking protocols using DirectX 11. Andy Edmiston has done a fantastic job with these enhancements and we look forward to showcasing more of his work on other series in the future.

You can view more screen shots and details about the game on the product page, as well as pickup a copy for yourself from the Store.


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