Nebuchadnezzar passe en version 1.2

En bref. Voici pour ce sympathique city-builder aux graphismes certes assez inspirés de l’Antiquité vidéoludique – les années 90… – mais au gameplay efficace capable de traverser quasi intact les siècles les décennies, voici donc une importante mise à jour qui va ajouter à ce jeu puisant dans les classiques tels Pharaon ou Caesar III encore plus de profondeur.

En résumé il y a désormais des mécanismes pour prendre en compte les incendies, le crime et les maladies dans vos cités. Mais aussi une amélioration du système des caravanes, des routes et des taxes, ou encore plusieurs améliorations des filtres graphiques d’information pour vous permettre de mieux vous y retrouver.

Voilà qui intéressera peut-être ceux souhaitant explorer l’horizon moins connu ludiquement de la Mésopotamie, le coeur de la Perse antique.

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Nebuchadnezzar Update 1.2


Nebuchadnezzar Update 1.2 Out Now!

We are happy to announce that the second major update of Nebuchadnezzar is out.

We would love to thank each and every one of you for your trust and all your insights, comments and suggestions. Without your support and feedback we would not be able to keep improving Nebuchadnezzar and making it a great city builder game.

And without further delay, let’s take a look at the main features and improvements the new update brings.

Update 1.2 includes:

New fire, crime and diseases mechanics

Accept new challenges and protect your city from fire, crime and disease.

Hire firefighters to prevent fires. If you can’t, at least hope they can put out the fire before it spreads to the whole city.

Establish a city watch to fight crime. Otherwise, your goods may start disappearing under the raids of thieves, or worse, your city may face riots from a disgruntled populace.

Do you opt for folk healers or would you rather use the educated but demanding upper class population to employ highly effective doctors? The decision is yours.

Caravan improvements

Automatic synchronization between caravans now ensures maximal transport capacity.

Reworked routes
Goods can be now loaded and unloaded in the same warehouse.

Adjustable taxes and wages
Adjust your taxes and wages to provide better life for you citizens or to get more money from them. But beware, because all actions have consequences.

New information layers
Several new and improved information layers such as house levels layer.

And much more…

Full changelog can be found here:

– FEATURE added fire, crime and diseases mechanics
– FEATURE added caravan synchronization
– FEATURE added houses level info layer
– FEATURE added no supply penalty for not supplied houses
– FEATURE added 10 new achievements
– FEATURE added adjustable taxes and wages
– FEATURE caravans can now load and unload in the same warehouse
– added color visualization of city request goods amount
– added ‘log’ function for lua def scripts
– added caravan support into the goods info layer
– added ‘port unreachable’ event to detect blocked port
– added more info layer help boxes
– added 20% initial money for easy difficulty
– added changelog UI
– improved ships rendering in info layer
– improved building ‘alert’ position
– improved caravan ‘route changed’ check to activate only when the new route takes longer
– improved monument UI price visualization
– improved (significantly) game starting time
– improved goods filter reseting in trade adviser
– fixed possible crash when setting up seller route
– fixed agro range visualization
– fixed rare case where it was possible to lose campaign progress
– fixed context menu scaling
– fixed removing bridge through the context menu
– fixed missing prestige recomputation when building houses
– fixed walker rendering z-order in info layers
– fixed monument rendering in info layers
– fixed missing loading screen in some cases
– fixed rare caravan related memory leak
– optimized path cache search
– significat increase of trade limits in all scenarios
– lowered freqency of city requests
– lowered city request relation weight
– increased trade history relation factor
– reworked fonts data structure
– reworkd info layers buttons
– negative money are now in red
– move in-game colors to modable configuration def files

Important note regards save compatability:
Saves from version 1.1.x are not compatible with the current version, but campaign progress is. After the release, the latest version 1.1.x will be available through the Steam beta branch, so you will be able to finish unfinished missions.

We look forward to sharing more Nebuchadnezzar news with you soon. Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Reddit and Instagram, too, for regular updates.

Till then!

Nepos Games


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