Nebuchadnezzar : patch 1.4 et DLC The Adventures of Sargon

En bref. Si le cadre de l’antique Mésopotamie vous attire, ou pourquoi pas pour changer de celui plus classique par exemple de l’Égypte, sachez que ce sympathique city-builder a bénéficié la semaine dernière d’un premier add-on ainsi que d’un patch majeur estampillé 1.4.

Mise à jour qui ajoute des mécanismes pour représenter la guerre (murs, casernes, options tactiques), en sachant toutefois que le jeu reste fondamentalement axé sur l’économie et la logistique. Puis update qui permet des cartes de plus grandes tailles, améliore la diplomatie, ou encore ajoute un mode daltonien. Cela en plus de différentes petites choses, comme par exemple de nouvelles missions.

Attention, les sauvegardes effectuées avec la version 1.3 du jeu ne sont pas compatibles. La progression dans la campagne du jeu n’est toutefois pas affectée.

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Nebuchadnezzar - The Adventures of Sargon - Patch 1.4


Nebuchadnezzar Update 1.4 and The Adventures of Sargon DLC Out Now!

The Fourth Major Nebuchadnezzar Update and the First DLC Is Now Here!
We are happy to announce that the fourth major update of Nebuchadnezzar is out. Together with our fist DLC The Adventures of Sargon.

We would love to thank each and every one of you for your trust and all your insights, comments and suggestions. Without your support and feedback we would not be able to keep improving Nebuchadnezzar and making it a great city builder game.

So let’s take a look at the main features and improvements the new update brings.

Update 1.4 includes:


Conqure other cities to secure materials for your people and expand your empire to give yourself eternal glory.

Game-designer note:
Nebuchadnezzar has always been focused on economics and logistics. And we wanted to preserve this, so the design of warfare was done with this in mind.

Therefore we decided not to add any RTS mechanics. Your city building and management skills are still the most important. And while you have to keep your city safe from external threats, you can also take advantage of the benefits that a strong army can bring to your city.


Secure your city or use them to protect your residences from the industry pollution.


Lead your soldiers in a tactical battles.

Resized maps

We have optimised the code so that we can finally give our maps plenty of room for your fun.

Enhanced diplomacy

New types of relations and benefits together with reworked favors, requests and gifts.

Colorblind mode

Special mode with easier colour differentiation for different types of colour blindness.


The Adventures of Sargon DLC

The Adventures of Sargon is story-focused DLC, where you’ll play as one of the most famous rulers of ancient Mesopotamia, Sargon II, and relive all of his important campaigns and achievements. Suppress dangerous rebellions, conquer the surrounding empires and ultimately restore the glory of the Assyrian Empire.

Completely new campaign with 15 missions.
Fully voice acted dialogs system.

And much more…

Added 100% refund when removing a building built during the same pause.
Added favors and demands info to the events manager window.
Removed shrine path access requirement.
Improved fire fighters behaviour.

Important note regards save compatability:
Saves from version 1.3.x are not compatible with the current version, but campaign progress is. After the release, the latest version 1.3.x will be available through the Steam beta branch, so you will be able to finish unfinished missions.

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Till then!

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