Niagara River, nouveau DLC pour Railroad Corporation

En bref. Alors que le second volet du jeu doit sortir ultérieurement cette année, voici qu’arrive aujourd’hui un huitième DLC pour Railroad Corporation. Add-on qui offre un nouveau défi avec un long scénario demandant de relier les USA au Canada. Au passage le gameplay s’étoffe un peu avec un nouveau système de ferry.

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Build a bridge over the Niagara River TODAY in Railroad Corporation!

After establishing your railroad business empire across the United States, it’s time to go further; what about Canada?

Publisher Iceberg Interactive and Developer Corbie Games are releasing a new Railroad Corporation DLC: Railroad Corporation – Niagara River

Canadians could be the friendliest people in the world, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to do whatever you want just like that!


You will be the lucky one that connects the United States to Canada through your railroads and trains. This sounds amazing, but there’s just a little problem: how are you going to build over the mighty Niagara River?


Railroad Corporation – Niagara River DLC Now Available!

Your Railroad Corporation is expanding!

You are offered a unique opportunity to cement your place as the market leader by connecting the United States to Canada… The caveat? You must build over the mighty Niagara River.

Logistics, logistics, logistics

It’s no easy task, supplying two sides of the river. You’ll have to acquire the right licenses to expand into Canada. Use your experience, connections, and the occasional bribe to complete this project at all costs.

Ferry on, wayward son

Bridges are expensive to build, and it turns out trains don’t do well in water. Thankfully, your international ventures will award you with a competitive edge: ferries!

With ferries, you won’t have to physically connect everything
by railroad. Simply get the necessary resources to a city with a port, and your ferries will take care of the rest!

Start expanding!

Sounds good, right? You can pick up the Niagara River DLC right now for $4.99 (USD) / £3.99 / 3,99€, with a 10% discount during its launch week. If you’re new here, Railroad Corporation itself is also on sale, so you can pick up the whole package at a discount!


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