Nouvelle édition Unity pour Field of Glory

Bonne nouvelle, Slitherine annonce qu’une nouvelle version modernisée de l’édition digitale de Field of Glory est désormais disponible. Le jeu initialement paru en 2009 a été entièrement refait avec le moteur graphique Unity (nouvelle interface, meilleure IA, nouveaux scénarios et paramétrages, nombreuses améliorations diverses) et pour l’occasion deux nouveaux livres d’armées viennent étoffer plus encore son contenu. Avec donc d’une part, Oath of Fealty, soit l’époque de la chevalerie dans l’Europe médiévale. Et d’autre part Wolves from the Sea, sur le thème des vikings.

A noter que cette nouvelle version du jeu est disponible gratuitement pour les possesseurs de la version précédente. Et qu’il s’agit aussi d’une version stand alone, ne nécessitant donc pas une installation par dessus la version précédente. En outre, pour accompagner ce lancement l’ensemble des DLC de Field of Glory bénéficie désormais d’une réduction définitive de 50 %.

Pour plus d’informations sur l’édition digitale de Field of Glory, adaptation sur PC du jeu de figurines du même nom (voir le site, voyez l’annonce ci-après et cette page chez l’éditeur.


The day has come: Field of Glory is being re-released today! Alongside two new DLCs: Oath of Fealty and Wolves from the Sea.

The game has been completely remade using the Unity engine, allowing a greater than ever flexibility and sporting enhanced mechanics. This new release contains plenty of new scenarios and game settings both in Single and Multiplayer, a completely new and functional UI, a greatly improved AI, a new full game replay system, as well as countless fixes and improvements to the data files!

And the best news is that all of this is completely free to all those who already own Field of Glory!

This new version is stand alone and you won’t need to install it on the previous version. It’s also highly recommended that you read these threads to understand what is different and how the transition between the two engines will work:

Field of Glory Unity – General FAQ

Field of Glory Unity – How to download and Install

Field of Glory Unity – How to convert custom scenarios

Please note that this version will be supported in the future and patched: the work on Field of Glory is not done and we’ll continue to work on it and bring you even more content and features.

This new release is coming with a 50% permanent price reduction on all Field of Glory DLCs! From now on, all DLCs are priced at $ 9.99.

Complete your collection: it’s now cheaper than ever. These price changes also apply to the two newly released DLCs, Oath of Fealty and Wolves from the Sea.

Oath of fealty

In Oath of Fealty you will relive the heroic deeds and epic feats of the age of Chivalry in medieval Europe. From England’s Anarchy to the slaughter of the Albigensian Crusade, kings, nobles, and clergy all vied for power and wealth. Out of this bloodshed, however, arose one of the most honored ideals of history – the Code of Chivalry. With new troop types, historical backgrounds and accompanying maps and artwork, Oath of Fealty allows Field of Glory generals to take up arms in defense of honor, Faith and liege lord.

Wolves from the Sea

Get ready to experience the brutality of the Dark Ages in Wolves from the Sea. Attack from out of the sea mist to bring fire and sword to the peoples of Europe as a Viking Jarl, or stand in the Saxon shieldwall in defense of your homes with Wolves From the Sea, the new Field of Glory army pack. With the decline of Rome, the Empire fell prey to barbarian hordes – the dark ages had come. With hundreds of new troop types this army pack allows gamers to recreate and rewrite the entire history of this savage period, from King Arthur to Alfred the Great.

Relive countless battles, lead armies from every country, face your enemies on the battlefield and etch your name in history.

Don’t miss the new Field of Glory. A real classic, getting a second life!


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