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En bref. Après une campagne réussie en 2012 sur Kickstarter pour financer une nouvelle édition, campagne dont l’un des objectifs était une adaptation en jeu vidéo en théorie prévue vers fin 2014, voici que sort enfin cette semaine, en cette année du quarantième anniversaire du jeu, l’adaptation en question. Version pour PC proposant une nouvelle campagne, un mode multijoueur ainsi qu’un mode escarmouche en solo dans lequel il est possible de grandement personnaliser les cartes.

Pour plus d’informations sur Ogre, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou cette page chez l’éditeur.

A lire en complément cet interview sur PC Games Insider, celui-ci sur Bell of Lost Souls, cet article sur Gamasutra. Ou encore celui-là sur Gamesradar.


Ogre fans will be working through a new single player campaign called Nightfall when Ogre comes to Steam on October 5th.

Specially created for the game by Ogre line editor Drew Metzger and legendary designer Steve Jackson, Nightfall is set in the time after the main Ogre narrative continuity, pitting the world’s forces against a faction of Ogres whose AI has gone rogue.

Nightfall takes place over 10 scenarios and includes unique challenges and situations for players to overcome, including intercepting and eliminating an Ogre convoy, a chancy coastal invasion against an Ogre factory, preventing an Ogre escaping a battlefield while recovering data from its systems, and more…

The campaign is varied and thrilling, with plenty to savor for newcomers and veterans alike.


Ogre offers a full suite of multiplayer options for commanders to dig into.

At its heart, Ogre is an asynchronous game, so we’ve taken advantage of this fact and are offering players the opportunity to have many games of Ogre active at any one time.

Players can issue all of their commands in a turn for one game, then jump to a completely different game against another opponent and do the same, and so on. Coupled with the ranking system we’ve implemented, players will be able to find a whole host of opponents at their skill level to challenge at any time of the day or night. A total of 10 maps are available to play in this mode and players can customize their forces.

With fully integrated Steam Turn Notifications, players will be notified whenever it becomes their turn, even when they’re not actively playing Ogre .

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  1. La philosophie de ce titre fait fortement songer à The Perfect General, surtout en considérant l’aspect des cartes et le gameplay. C’est assez enthousiasmant !

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