Operation Spring Awakening, nouvelle campagne pour Conflicts

En bref. Nouveau dans cette riche série de wargames sur Android, voici une simulation de l’opération aussi appelée Frühlingserwachen, ultime grande offensive du IIIème Reich pour reprendre des champs pétroliers en Hongrie au printemps 1945.

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It’s 1945 and you are in control of forces tasked with securing the last Axis oilfields located in Hungary and Austria by re-taking the city of Budapest and clearing the western side of the river Danube of the Red Army divisions which have formed a large beach-head reaching all the way to the Lake Balaton.

For Operation Spring Awakening (Unternehmen Frühlingserwachen) you have been given third of all the Panzer formations on the Eastern Front: two Panzer Armies strengthened with King Tiger battalions to launch two spearheads from both sides of Lake Balaton, while the third weaker attack will be launched from the South.

Although the situation in 1945 was desperate, just two months earlier Wehrmacht successfully carried out similar offensive called Operation Southwind, clearing out another but smaller Soviet beach-head.

Should you fail to secure these crucial last oilfields Germany would lose 80% of the remaining oil output dooming the defense of Berlin, and with the fall of Vienna the last remaining Axis partners would surely drop their weapons.

Screenshot: I categorically deny any claims that the Operation has run into trouble, that motorized units are out of fuel, or that the flank is collapsing.

Fair warning: This is a challenging campaign, the number of Soviet divisions, tricky fuel delivery, and axis-held flanks, the late entry of Red Army tank forces against exhausted German units combine to put you under some considerable pressure.


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