Panzer Campaigns – France ’40 passe en version Gold

Troisième et dernier cadeau de Noël des équipes de WDS / JTS, voici que cette simulation de la bataille de France vient elle aussi d’être mise à jour. Toutefois ici selon les développeurs, il s’agit plutôt d’une refonte, le jeu ayant été étendue pour prendre en compte les opérations s’étant déroulées en France, ainsi qu’en Belgique et aux Pays-bas. En conséquence la carte a été entièrement refaite, l’ancienne version faisait modestement 72 000 hexagones, la nouvelle dépasse elle allègrement les 212 000 hexagones… Ce qui permet de nombreux scénarios concernant par exemple les parachutages allemands, et une représentation complète de l’opération Fall Gelb.

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Game Updates Continue!

John Tiller Software and Wargame Design Studio are pleased to announce the release of five more game updates. Three new Panzer Campaigns Gold editions and two Civil War Battles updates. The teams over at WDS have been working over time for months to bring the community the fantastic FREE updates to these two popular series of games. We believe these will be very well received by the community.
Game updates include:

– Panzer Campaigns: France ’40
– Panzer Campaigns: Bulge ’44
– Panzer Campaigns: Normandy ’44
– Civil War Battles: Campaign Gettysburg
– Civil War Battles: Campaign Franklin

For further details & screen shots visit the various product pages:

You can also read details on the WDS blog in the 3 posts David has released:

JTS/WDS Christmas Present #1

Or if you don’t own the games yet head over to the Store to pick up a copy:

And do take note of our bulk discount offer, here:

Details on updating:

If you purchased these games directly through the JTS site then all you need to do is apply the updates off our site, found here –

If you purchased through HPS or some other reseller and have received serial numbers for the games, then – for the CWB titles simply grab and apply the updates from our site – for the PzC games write me at the Support account and I will send you links for full new installers of the games. Please mention you already have your serial numbers! :-)

If you purchased through HPS or some other reseller and have not received a serial number write me at the Support account and request them. If you bought direct from HPS I will be able to find you in that database. If not then you will either need to submit a picture of your games or an electronic receipt from your purchase. Also, note that a single picture of your games is much better than a bunch of pictures for each game…a sample image is below.

Want to be sure and point out the JTS Menu Program for all users, but especially those not comfortable moving around the file structure of Windows.

JTS Menu Program is available on our site for free to help in accessing all your John Tiller games from both JTS and HPS – Windows 10 users will especially want to utilize this program –

As pictured above, this allows you to access all the programs associated with a game, but also all the documentation.

** A reminder that Windows XP is no longer supported with any new game release or any game update released after 12/1/2017. **


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