Panzer Campaigns – Kiev 43 : premières images

En bref. Toujours chez JTS / WDS, voici une autre salve de nouvelles captures d’écrans présentant cette fois le futur volet de la série Panzer Campaigns consacré aux combats ayant eu lieu à la fin de l’année 1943 en Ukraine.

Pour plus d’informations sur Panzer Campaigns ‘Kiev 43, dont la sortie devrait avoir lieu on ne sait quand en 2021, voyez pour l’instant du coté de la page de la série chez l’éditeur.

A lire éventuellement sur cette série notre article Smolensk ’41 : Panzer General !



2020 End of Year Update

In last years update, we announced that Panzer Campaigns Scheldt ’44 would be the next release in the series. This year is no different and we would like to announce Panzer Campaigns Kiev ’43.

This title is a Bill Peters/David Freer production building on a lot of work Mike Avanzini started ten years ago. Mike & David have built the order of battle while Bill has led the scenario creation using the master campaign scenarios created by David. The map was originally created by Dave ‘Blackie’ Blackburn but has been extensively updated by Bill.

The post Kursk battles have not been covered to date in the Panzer Campaigns series and the battles along the Dnepr had only previously been represented in Korsun ’44. The Kiev ’43 title will cover battles in November and December 1943 and possibly actions in October as well.

Actions include the Soviet capture of Kiev, the Bukrin bridgehead, and the initial German retreat to Fastov and Zhitomir. Additionally, the German counterattacks at Korosten and Zhitomir are included, culminating in the Brusilov pocket. Finally, the German December offensive to trap the Soviet forces between Brusilov and Korosten will also be playable. The Soviet Zhitomir-Berdichev Front offensive that commenced in the same area on December 24th, 1943 will not be covered in this title.

With a wide range of interesting forces available, we have been able to build a significant number of variant scenarios off the base historical ones. This battle was essentially a series of meeting engagements with few if any built-up defensive positions beyond what was in front of Kiev. With the ground conditions either clear or soft, there is a chance for significant maneuver combat.

We have planned that Panzer Campaigns Kiev ’43 will be a 2021 release. Bill has two other projects that are progressing well that will follow Kiev ’43.

Here are some screen shots from this upcoming title. Most of these images are from the campaign scenarios, but rest assured there is a very good range of small and medium scenarios included as well. We will look forward to sharing more on Kiev ’43 as we get closer to release.


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