Panzer Corps 2 – Axis Operations – 1943 : premiers screenshots

En bref. Slitherine a confirmé en fin de semaine dernière qu’un septième DLC va arriver dans quelques temps pour Panzer Corps 2. Add-on qui poursuit sur le thème du front germano-soviétique, allant entre autres représenter la fameuse bataille de Koursk, et qui proposera au total 17 scénarios historiques et hypothétiques (Zaporizhia ; Backhand Blow ; Kummersdorf 1943 ; Yakovlevo ; Oboyan ; Prokhorovka ; Operation Roland ; Stalino ; Rostov 1943 ; Elista ; Astrakhan ; Return to Stalingrad ; Orel ; Panther Line ; Taman Peninsula ; Kremenchug ; Zhitomir).

Pour plus d’informations sur Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1943, dont la date de l’offensive se situe dans le courant du printemps, voyez pour l’instant cette fiche chez Matrix. Une phase bêta est actuellement accessible sur demande en suivant ce lien.



Axis Operations – 1943 is coming soon

Today we have a great announcement for you.

We’re announcing the next Axis Operations DLC for Panzer Corps 2: 1943

The Axis Operations 1943 DLC Campaign focuses entirely on the Eastern Front. But more importantly, this DLC begin to answer long standing questions of the series, culminating in the possibility to permanently alter the course of the war in this campaign… and also in future campaigns to come!

In addition to the continuing trend of bonus mission objectives inspired by true historical events, this campaign will be supplemented by appearances from additional historical German leaders from World War II.

As no 1942 campaign could be complete without Stalingrad, no 1943 campaign can overlook the infamous Battle of Kursk.
Engage in a unique take on this battle, often touted as the Largest Tank Battle in History, as you pit your Wehrmacht veterans against the seemingly endless lines of Soviet defenses protecting their salient.

Axis Operations 1943 will be released later this spring. We will be revealing the release date in the coming weeks.

If you would like to sign up for the beta, you can do so by clicking here. Your feedback is extremely valuable, and it will help us greatly.


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