Panzer Corps 2 : trailer pour Axis Operations – 1942

Slitherine diffuse une bande-annonce présentant ce cinquième DLC continuant d’explorer les principales batailles menées par l’Axe, ici durant l’année 1942 et sur le front soviétique. Au menu 17 scénarios, de nouvelles unités, de nouveaux visuels pour certains véhicules et même un type de mission aérienne supplémentaire, l’appui aérien rapproché.

Pour plus d’informations sur Panzer Corps 2: Axis Operations – 1942, disponible depuis hier, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou celle-ci chez l’éditeur.



Axis Operations – 1942 is out now

The Panzer Corps 10th Anniversary is coming soon, and we will start our celebrations with the release of the new DLC Axis Operations – 1942.

Axis Operations – 1942 continues the Axis Operations grand campaign to the pivotal year of 1942.

The 17 new scenarios will have you face the Red Army in some of the largest battles in all of World War II. From Rzhev to Stalingrad, your actions will decide the outcome of the war.

In fact, for the first time in the Axis Operations series, the 1942 campaign will have multiple endings and your performance as a general will matter more than ever.

Additionally, it introduces new units, new historical commanders, a new mission type… in short, it’s a must-have for all players of Panzer Corps 2.

Celebrate 10 Years of Panzer Corps with us

As you may know, this weekend we will be celebrating 10 years of Panzer Corps.

Tune in to us tomorrow, on Friday 9th July, on our Twitch channel at slitherinetv at 4 pm BST / 5 pm CEST for an exclusive stream. Alex Shargin, lead developer and designer of Panzer Corps, will be interviewed live, and we will be going through the past, present and future of the Panzer Corps saga.

We do have some really intriguing announcements coming up tomorrow, so make sure to be there.


N.B. There will be a week delay for those of you that use the Epic Store, we apologise in advance for the inconvenience.