Patchs et première bougie pour Operation Citadel

En bref. Ce sympathique et ambitieux wargame réalisé par deux passionnés continue son bout de chemin et fête ce mois-ci son premier anniversaire. Depuis ses débuts, relativement incertains, le jeu a bénéficié de nombreuses mises à jour améliorant tant le contenu que le gameplay. Et si tout va bien cela va continuer en ce sens. Tant mieux.

Pour plus d’informations sur Operation Citadel, voyez cette page sur Steam. Où une démo est aussi disponible. Mais aussi la nouvelle chaîne YouTube du jeu. Ou encore pour les versions sur appareils mobiles, par ici sur l’App store, et par là sur Google Play.



Name + logo + price change

Hello everyone ! :)

I hope you’re doing good, destroying some Panzer IIIs or blowing up some T-34s.
I’m doing awesome, I’m glad you asked :D

I wanted to let everyone know about our decision to :

Change the game’s name

Change the game’s logo

Change the game’s price

About changing the game’s name, as many of you noticed, the game features … so many things. And as many of you suggested, we should change the name to something less “restrictive” and more global, that would fit the game’s spirit more :)
Indeed, this game isn’t about Operation Citadel. Why did I pick this one in the first place ? Oh well, I wasn’t even planning on selling this game in the first place, I was making it for myself. But then when I realized its potential potential (hehe), I thought “Hey, why not”. The name didn’t matter since it wasn’t anything more than a simple hobby, I mean, it still is a hobby don’t get me wrong, I’m a student and this is what I do when I have free time. Anyway, I liked the eastern front a lot and all the “panzer this” “panzer that” were taken, I just decided “To hell with this” and gave it the name “Operation Citadel”.

SO, we are brainstorming with my brother currently, but as this game is as much ours as it is yours (somehow), if you got any suggestion, shoot them now ! It is now or never :)
I know I already asked this once, but now this is seriously serious :)

About changing the game’s logo, well, we’re changing the game’s name so, let’s give it a brand new identity :) Maybe a new wallpaper … ? Any suggestion on that one too ? ;)

And finally, pricing. We are realizing that the game still needs a lot, lot of work. Not in a bad way, we are just planning to add so much more content ! (Thinking about including WWI in the base game).
Many more tiles, units, features, scenarios … I know that a lot of you to this day are still waiting for a decent pacific campaign, and I haven’t forgotten ! I still am planning on making it, it will come, soon :)
And many more maps. So many. Ideas aren’t the issue, really ! But if I want to continue working on this project UNTIL THE END. believe me, this isn’t soon, then I need a bit more funding. We most likely will change the price tag to something like 24.99 USD. So a 10 dollars increase compared to now. The game still will go on sale so, don’t worry :)
I would like to encourage you to get the game now while it is cheap. We don’t have a fixed date, but as soon as we have the new name + logo + wallpaper (?), then we will adjust the pricing :)

The game reached a certain point, a certain quality, but a certain AMOUNT of CONTENT, which is incredible, that I feel good about asking more. This certainly isn’t a rip-off.
I will keep answering each and every single one of your messages almost instantly, implement your ideas, and support the game for a VERY long time !

Well, that was all :)

Have a good day y’all !

Jules and Valentin



This update is a special one, because …. THE GAME IS ONE YEAR OLD TODAY
! Happy birthday Operation Citadel !
Damn. Who would have thought that after a failed kickstarter, with only 53euros collected, including 20 from my dad, we would be here today, with such a product for everyone to enjoy on any platform ! This is INCREDIBLE ! I’m seriously shocked to see how far we’ve come all together.
For those that don’t know, for the newcomers, it is my brother and I that are working on the game, we’re both student and working on it when we have free time. Many MANY players helped us with their feedback, suggestions, ideas, even with their own work to help make this game what it is today. Thank you everyone ! Thank you !


A new tile type! COASTS. Those tiles have been added purely for graphical purposes (and oh BOY it looks good. Thank you for the suggestion @MaitreBongo). We added a whopping 189 tiles (all variants and biomes together) to the game ! They are of sea type, but make the map look better overall.
Auto placement for coast tiles in the map editor. Just paint with a coast tile and they will be placed automatically :) You can easily create lakes and others with this, play with it !
5 new achievements: Watch your step: walk on a land mine. Safari (bronze, silver, gold): Destroy 1, 10, 100 of any Tiger or Panther or Elefant tanks). Statistics: Lose 100, 1000 units. Win Operation Bagration big scenario as the Axis and as the Allies.
Legacy graphics option in the settings. Since all the counters have new graphics, and not everyone will like them, I still let you choose between the old ones, and the new ones !
End of match statistics: Number of units bought per player, amount of money spent per player, and more (save compatible).
3840 x 2160 resolution setting (4K).


A COMPLETE UNIT GRAPHICS REVAMP, made possible by a single man @MaitreBongo ! He has been working on this for a week, and did everything himself, I will hold no credits for it since it is his work. He proposed to implement it into the base game, which I accepted due to the good looking counters he was making as a separate mod. THANK YOU !

When managing your diplomacy with other countries, thanks to the code improvements I made this week I am now able to offer an instant FOW recalculation. Meaning, when you declare war on someone, or make peace with someone, the FOW will be instantly recalculated so that you don’t / or do see your opponent / ally territory. This is awesome :D
of code optimization, map generation has been improved by quite a lot. Slight freeze at the end of a turn should be gone too now. I really spent a lot of time (an entire day) just going through my code and optimizing anything I could.
Updated campaign maps previews in the main menu, campaign section.
Various UI changes / improvements.
Small changes made to Battle of France 1940 and Italy 1943 quick game scenarios.
Updated store trailer + screenshots.


HP of your core units weren’t set back to max when going to another scenario of a campaign.
Broken V1 kill achievement (sorry for fixing it so late, but better late than never !).
Ships ignored each other’s armor completely.
Tooltip didn’t go away after you bought a unit.
Custom campaign were broken.
AI plane bug.
AI only variable not being reinitialized after an AI vs AI game. Meaning you had to restart the game if you wanted to play a normal (non AI vs AI) game.
Tooltip going over the resupply cost (yay, finally haha).
Font looking bad on windows.
UI in the main menu not scaling to screen (not taking all space).
AI only games could unlock you achievements if it finished the map (Example: the Europe map).
Notifications could be created more than once (for the same one).
On mobile : Diplomacy panel / slots UI issues (part of it was hidden).
On mobile, the potential damage window was right on your finger making it hard to see anything.


Lake tile graphics. It is not required anymore with the addition of coast tiles. You can just place a sea tile surrounded by land or any of the coast tile, they will be replaced by the correct tile upon map opening. No need for you to worry about anything ! :) (bonus: it looks better).

It is suggested that you toggle «NO ROTATION» in the settings if you are playing with the new counters, as well as reducing their size to a third of the total length of the slider. They are incompatible with rotation. I mean, you’re gonna notice it pretty fast haha. When your tank is gonna look upside down, you’re going to realize that :)

Now what ? Oh well … I don’t know. There’s still plenty to do ! The pacific campaign is far from being made, and there always is tweaking to be made, or new features to be implemented … !
Keep suggesting stuff, scenarios, units, I will take note and be working on it when I have time !
Please never stop to report bugs, YOU are making this game stable :)

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      • Pas de soucis ; il m’arrive également de lire les commentaires ;o)

        Excellent jeu au demeurant et en constante évolution, qui plus est ! C’est d’autant plus méritoire que l’unique développeur prend également le temps d’être très présent sur les forums du jeu, voire même parfois de débugger en direct son bébé, par exemple lors d’un twitch ou d’un upload sur Youtube.
        Une pratique inédite, à ma connaissance et dont certains feraient bien de s’inspirer !

        En ce qui concerne le jeu à proprement parler et pour celles/ceux qui découvrent, il s’agit d’un mix plutôt réussit entre Panzer General et Strategic Command. C’est très abouti techniquement, addictif et très riche en termes de scénarios, campagnes et éditeurs en tous genres.
        Vraiment, une pépite à découvrir pour un prix encore très abordable.

  1. Operation Citadelle est mort, vive Hex of steel !

    Le changement de nom et de statut était prévu depuis un moment et est à présent effectif. Le titre, dorénavant accessible sous ce nouveau nom et malheureusement pour qui hésitait encore avant de l’acquérir, propose un autre changement de taille à déplorer : son prix a doublé par rapport à ce qu’il était hier !

    Autrement, la démo est toujours dispo et un nouveau trailer de lancement visible ici :

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