Pax Nova : fin de la bêta

En bref. Prévu l’an dernier puis repoussé à cette année, voici qu’est disponible depuis hier ce nouveau 4X qui aura donc bénéficié d’une plus longue phase d’essais et d’améliorations en Accès anticipé.

Au programme de ce Space opéra, trois races et quinze factions allant rivaliser sur Eos, une planète sur laquelle l’humanité s’est réfugiée alors que la Terre agonisait. Nouveau départ ouvrant la voie à de plus étendues colonisations au fur et à mesure de votre développement et de la découvete de planètes supplémentaires

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Developer GreyWolf Entertainment and publisher Iceberg Interactive are thrilled to release 4X strategy game Pax Nova on Steam TODAY for $24.99, plus a launch week discount of 15%!

After a year in Steam’s Early Access Program, the full release brings the complete main questline, new technologies and a new difficulty option to the game, along with a huge array of AI improvements, bug fixes and balance changes.

Check it out in the brand new trailer


Pax Nova is a sci-fi, turn-based 4X strategy game where you lead the fate of one of several factions, divided between three races. Explore new worlds and new star systems filled with exciting secrets as well as new dangers. Build new cities, expand your influence and fight great battles on land and in space.

Key features:

– Combat: Battle in land and space. Customize your units to maximize extermination.
– Geography: Explore the massive universe of Pax Nova. Discover and expand to other planets and colonies.
– Factions: Choose from a variety of factions with their own peculiarities and exclusive technologies, divided by 3 races. Or just customize your own.
– Cities: Build your city thoughtfully. Pick different terrains that will expand your districts. Manage the balance of different attributes.
– Research and diplomacy options: Plan your strategy. Exploit multiple resources and possibilities.

Supporting assets, screenshots and the factsheet can be found in the press kit here.

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ABOUT GREYWOLF ENTERTAINMENTGreyWolf Entertainment is a small studio based in Leiria, Portugal. It’s made up of ambitious and dedicated individuals who share a strong passion for video games, and an equally strong passion for creating great video games. GreyWolf’s first title was Dawn of Andromeda, an ambitious space 4X strategy game, also published by Iceberg Interactive.

ABOUT ICEBERG INTERACTIVEIceberg Interactive is an independent video game publisher founded in 2009 by an international group of games industry veterans. Located in Haarlem, The Netherlands and staffed with avid gamers, Iceberg works closely with an assembly of game developers around the world, both midsize and indie.Known for many hit franchises including Starpoint Gemini, Killing Floor and Stardrive; the company has enjoyed recent success with titles such as Shortest Trip to Earth, The Sojourn and Railroad Corporation. Iceberg Interactive has many exciting games coming up, including Blazing Sails (PC) Transient (PC, PS4, XBO), Lunacy: Saint Rhodes (PC) and Star Dynasties (PC).To learn more, please visit


What’s new in 1.0?

We briefly went over some 1.0 changes before, but here’s a summary again. The full changelog is too big to share here, but we’ll post it underneath this announcement (in the Steam discussion). Also note that, while this update is technically compatible with previous versions of the game, we do recommend starting a new save file, as new content will not appear in your old games.


Added full Main Quest line
Added one new exclusive technology per faction
Added Divine difficulty mode
Added Mech unit class
Added Visus Sniper rifle and Kaiser shells weapons
Added new Main Quests artwork
Added Quest Victory Victory condition
Added Steam achievements
Added new Path milestone items
Added new Minor Faction items
Added new Artifacts
Added Iron Giants technology and Behemoth predefined unit template

AI improvements

AI now values its capital city much more and cities in general
AI now takes Trust into consideration when selling technology
AI doesn’t value technology as much, making it harder for the player to get a lot of credits by selling technology to other factions
AI now better evaluates whether or not to use diplomatic options like praise, denounce, etc and now won’t use them when they barely met a player
AI now makes buying and selling seals much harder, and now also takes how powerful both factions are into consideration when valueing these
And way, way more.

Other changes

Selected units now show the diplomatic status of the faction that controls it relative to the player
Made Land Portals less likely to be generated
Added option in city panel to show tile yields outside borders, useful when building residential districts and planning ahead to the tiles the city could grow to
Only Artillery type weapons can fire long range across mountains, with sniper rifles for example being unable to do so.Updated tooltip to reflect this.
Added Factions presence info when a planet is selected
Made several Districts faster to build
Decreased cost of university and Military Academy local projects
Players can now block all non critical communications from the AI such as proposals by using the respective option in the diplomacy menu
And way, way more.

Again, you can find the full changelog (including bug fixes) in the comments. Click here to see the eXpanded list.

What’s next?

This is an important milestone for Pax Nova, but the work doesn’t stop here. We’re committed to push out new updates in the future, and would love to keep hearing your feedback on the Steam forums!