Pax Nova : le DLC Tech Supremacy est sorti

Une troisième extension vient d’arriver hier pour ce 4X qui bénéficie aussi au passage d’une nouvelle mise à jour améliorant l’IA et ajustant de nombreuses autres petites choses. Au programme de cet add-on, de nouveaux événements aléatoires, des quêtes et technologies supplémentaires, un nouveau puissant type de vaisseau spatial, quelques créatures, des reliques, des actions diplomatiques, ou encore de nouvelles capacités pour certaines unités. Bref, un peu de tout pour étoffer plus encore ce jeu, voyez la liste dans le communiqué suivant.

Pour plus d’informations sur Tech Supremacy, reportez-vous à cette fiche sur Steam. Pour le jeu de base voyez le site du studiocette fiche chez l’éditeur ou encore cette fiche sur Steam.



Pax Nova Update And Tech Supremacy DLC RELEASE!

Hello everyone!

Today we bring you a fresh new update, as well as an exciting new announcement: The Tech Supremacy DLC!

We’ve been hard at work the past few months and we’re finally able to show you the results in the form of Pax Nova’s brand new DLC, as well as the update we’ve been working on alongside it for both the base game and Beyond the Rift DLC which comes with plenty of bug fixes, balancing changes, AI improvements and more.


Several AI improvements:

Improved AI’s tactical approach to combat: they now focus more on units they have a tactical advantage over (terrain, unit types, etc) and try to use the terrain to their advantage more
AI values trust more than before when evaluating some proposal items so they don’t give too many resources, funds or influence to factions that they feel might attack them later
AI now prioritizes space deposits more than before when at peace
AI tries to save/accumulate more resources and invest more on new units when it feels its faction is on the verge of war
AI now uses Edicts more frequently and efficiently
Lore related history now affects how the AI behaves more significantly when the lore impacting diplomacy option is toggled on
AI now tries to strike diplomatic deals with factions that share common enemies more frequently if at war, specially if the war isn’t going their way
Rebalanced some AI behavior variables for some factions to further fit their traits and leader personality more accurately
Some changes under the hood have been made to accommodate some diplomacy changes for an upcoming update


Other changes:

Choosing an event option that causes the player to lose funds now allows the player to go into negative territory if he doesn’t have enough funds
The Efficient Building Materials edict now costs 400Cr and lasts for 100 turns
Edicts that cost X amount of funds or influence now can’t be enacted if the player doesn’t control any cities
Mass Conscription edict now costs 12 Influence and is active for 50 turns
Tentatively fixed end turn button occasionally not working, forcing the player to select another unit before the turn can be ended
Fixed Extremist group event option not yielding pragmatism and advancing the path of bliss instead
Fixed ‘-‘ character being rendered in the path menu subtitle under certain circumstances
Fixed arbitrary quantities showing in the text for the credit, influence and Aether options
Fixed currently researching technology being skipped if the player receives a technology from another factions and only skips it if the traded technology is the technology that’s being researched
Fixed ship units launching and retaining the effects of the weather effects on the planet they came from
Fixed Mass Conscription edict not deducting the right amount of influence per turn
Fixed Frozen status decreasing 1 Health per turn instead of 10 Health per turn
Fixed Essence Shard found event displaying wrong artwork
Fixed mechs for Yr race causing save system issues among other bugs
Fixed Transcendence pod not being buildable under certain circumstances
Fixed but that caused the AI to occasionally crash and skip turn earlier when trying to mine space deposits
Fixed Seals of Power quest not rewarding the player with the described reward (8 Influence)
Fixed unit design menu not indicating the right values for health if the faction has a trait that affects these
Tentatively fixed some technologies sometimes not yielding the right items (districts, improvements, unit classes etc) if auto generate new templates option is disabled
Fixed some weather effects being rendered in space and galaxy view
Tentatively fixed some space anomaly events not setting the anomaly as searched, making it possible to exploit multiple times
Fixed Efficient Building Materials edict working for one turn only
Fixed some events (ie Political Scandal brewing event) blocking progress of the player doesn’t have enough resources available
Fixed some artifacts caused by Temporal anti-aliasing
Fixed some minor localization issues
Fixed event options that should yield Aether deducting it instead
Fixed multiple typos


Tech Supremacy DLC

There’s more of everything for you to enjoy! Discover new random events, quests, technologies, and much more. Here’s what you can expect from the brand new Tech Supremacy DLC:

Dyson Spheres:
First to build a Dyson Sphere command center in that system will unlock a Dyson Sphere in the sun of that solar system, giving a huge boost to research production in every tile controlled by that faction in every planet of that system
very powerful mid to late game enemy ship / enemy type that roams space and demands Aether every few turns to keep peace, or they’ll or attack your units. Can be bribed with more Aether to attack a specific faction.
20 New Technologies
6 New Unit Abilities / Powers
10 New Weapons
18 New Events
8 New Quests
2 New District Types
6 New Minor Faction Products
5 New Improvement Types
1 New Strategic Resource Type: Spice
2 New Diplomatic Actions
4 New Edicts
1 New Leadership Style
2 New Creature Types
5 New Path Milestones
4 New Artifact Types

Just like with the Beyond The Rift DLC we want to keep the price very accessible, and just as before the free updates for everyone will keep coming in.

We really hope you like what we’ve shown today, and as always we’ll be paying close attention to your feedback, on both the Steam forums and Discord.

And so, the voyage through Eos continues.


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