Peleliu – The Devil’s Island : trailer

En bref. Digital Gameworks a mis en ligne il y a peu une bande-annonce pour accompagner la sortie récente de ce jeu sur le thème de la sanglante bataille de Peleliu, débarquement lors duquel les Marines puis l’infanterie US eurent à faire face à une féroce défense japonaise. Ce que le jeu retranscrit au travers de sept scénarios historiques, avec toutefois des défenseurs générés aléatoirement, et un gameplay en tour par tour mais se voulant assez dynamique et rapide.

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HPS Simulations is proud to announce the release of A digital Gameworks Game: Peleliu – The Devil’s Island

‘…the bitterest battle of the war for the Marines.’
-National Museum of the Marine Corps

Originally predicted by the American Commander to last for four days, at MOST, the battle to take Peleliu instead ground on for over two months. Apart from the exceptional tenacity of the individual Japanese troops, the American forces landed headlong into a defensive system anchored on over 500 bunkers, caves, and tunnels, of which they had little knowledge.

Also unknown to the Americans, the days of the infamous Japanese ‘banzai charge’ were over. Instead, the new Japanese defensive strategy was to use concentrated amounts of firepower in hidden and protected locations, making the Americans dig them out one by one as they inflicted losses. At Peleliu, this meant the US forces would need to scale, assault and take Umurbrogol Mountain. While not impressively high, in the heat and denuded of cover by the incessant bombardment, this terrain quickly became known as ‘Bloody Nose Ridge’, for the huge losses and torment suffered by the attackers.
Code-named Operation Stalemate II, little could the Marines have dreamt in advance how close it would also be as a description.

The Emperor’s Island

In time, the superiority of the US Forces prevailed against the outnumbered Japanese forces. But the price was steep. The Japanese fought with grim determination and ferocity – with so many dying in the name of Hirohito that Peleliu became revered in Japan as ‘the Emperor’s Island’.

But to the Americans, it was simply hell. By the time the battle finally ended, the US forces had suffered the highest casualty rate of any amphibious operation in the entire war.

Hitting the Beach

Peleliu – The Devil’s Island takes place on the beaches and in the jungles of the island. As with previous tactical games from digitalGameworks, players assume command of a front-line combat infantry unit; activity occurs at the small unit level.

And also as expected from digitalGameworks, players can look forward to intense and engaging experiences through a variety of scenarios, from probes to full-out assaults on fortified positions. With the Japanese defenders able to jump into caves for protection and cover, along with limited effects of friendly fire support, the gritty reality of the fighting on the island is presented in all of its frustrating and gory detail.

You Can’t Hide

The game also includes engineering operations, wire, satchel charges, as well as grenades, smoke, and a variety of unit types and defensive positions. Deep in the dense jungle, you’ll also have to contend with the feeling of being alone and cut off, even to the point of wondering if that friendly fire support will go awry and hit your own guys. But while the jungle, like the enemy, may seem impervious, your mission is to conquer it. To conquer them.

Or to die trying.

Get Moving – Now!

In line with the digitalGameworks design philosophy, the game system is quick to learn and play, while the variable command system insures that scenarios are nail-bitingly suspenseful and never the same. Using actual units and weapons of the era, Peleliu – The Devil’s Island adds improved 3-D graphics and views, sound, and special effects to bring players onto the beaches, and onto the slopes of Umurbrogol.

From there, the rest is up to you.


– Single player (US Side)
– Variable Troop Levels and Quality, Terrain, Fire Support, and Morale
– Scenario Based Missions
– Random Command Activation
– Full 3D graphics, Sound and Special Effects, and More…