Power to the People ? Electri-city-builder !

En bref. Voici une bande-annonce diffusée cet été pour ce futur jeu allant aborder un thème en un sens peu courant, et pourtant important, celui du développement d’un réseau électrique. Un des éléments indispensables pour la vie moderne, car, que ferions-nous sans les bienfaits de la Fée Électricité ? Beaucoup moins de choses…

Il s’agira donc d’un jeu pour le moins original et semble-t-il assez fouillé, dans lequel il faudra bien réfléchir et gérer différentes ressources alors que la population augmente, que des problèmes surviennent, mais qu’il faut néanmoins toujours plus d’électricité pour que tout fonctionne bien.

Pour plus d’informations sur Power to the People, dont l’allumage aura lieu le 8 février prochain, voyez cette page sur Steam.


Development Update #14

During the past weeks we have been working so hard on making Power to the People better and with a deeper gameplay that it’s almost a brand new game! We are very excited to introduce a whole array of new features that we are sure you all are going to love! Without further ado:

Sandbox Mode

One of the big new features we have added to Power to the People has been a long time coming. Now you will be able to find a Sandbox Mode, where you can set up a custom game exactly the way you want it. You can choose which map to play, which buildings will be available, how often disasters will happen, what the weather is going to be like… And more! Perfect for those of you who like to experiment and find cool solutions to complicated problems.

Influence Points

A brand new game mechanic that will ease you into the game so you don’t feel overwhelmed, and will also provide a very satisfying sense of progression! As you prove your abilities in larger and larger cities you will gain access to new technologies, features, maps and buildings! Every victory will provide you with some Influence Points that will unlock items and new levels.

Company Customization

Do you want to make your power company your own? Look no further, then! You now can choose a name, color scheme and logo! Even better, your beautiful new logo will be displayed outside the buildings in your infrastructure and the color scheme you choose will alter the appearance of your power lines. Neat!

Larger Research Tree

Five new technologies have made their way into the research tree. And these pair beautifully with the new “research boost” bonus that you can unlock with your Influence Points. These ones will make your life substantially easier in the more advanced levels, for sure!

Planned Power Cuts

We all need a small break from public scrutiny every now and then… Now Power to the People also allows you to announce planned power cuts. This new tool will freeze customer satisfaction during a period of 6 hours so you can repair and expand your infrastructure without worrying too much about the consequences. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

New Buildings

There’s also a whole bunch of new buildings in the game! Cities will now construct higher (and more power hungry) buildings than ever before. But you will also have new facilities at your disposal, including the Power-to-Gas Storage Facility and Thermal Storage solutions.

Ice Formation

The last thing we have added to the game (we finished implementation today, as a matter of fact) is ice formation on power lines. During very cold days, power lines that have low loads will slowly get covered in ice… If left unchecked for very long, they have a small probability of failing!