Premier patch pour Strategic Command 3

Une première mise à jour est disponible pour la très bonne surprise que s’est avéré être l’automne dernier le troisième volet de la série Strategic Command.

Au programme, essentiellement la correction de différents bugs et une longue série de petits rééquilibrages de divers mécanismes dans la campagne. Voyez la liste complète dans le communiqué suivant.

Attention, les parties sauvegardées en version 1.00 ne sont pas compatibles avec le patch 1.01.

On attend toujours aussi une future mise à jour ajoutant un mode multijoueurs PBEM++, en cours de test actuellement. Puis une adaptation du jeu sur Steam, pour entre autre le rendre accessible à plus de joueurs.

Au passage notez aussi qu’un mod ambitieux est actuellement en chantier afin de transposer le moteur de jeu au thème des guerres napoléoniennes : Rise and Fall of an Empire. Nul doute qu’à l’avenir le nouveau moteur de Strategic Command 3 proposera de belles déclinaisons sur d’autres théâtres ou époques.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe, que vous pouvez vous procurer aussi via notre boutique partenaire, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ainsi que notre test. Ou encore ce précédent court récit d’un début de partie Strategic Command – WWII in Europe : AAR Case White.



Hello everyone
The first update for Strategic Command is now available from the members and public area

Members Area:

Public Area:

SAVED GAMES – please note that unfortunately saved games from the release version (v1.00) are not compatible with v1.01. We’re sorry for the inconvenience this will cause but the change was required for future updates.

I’m afraid that it does not include PBEM which is not quite ready but we didn’t want to delay the many improvements and fixes that Hubert and Bill have made any longer. The full change list is below
You will note that several of the changes made have been as a result of your suggestions so please do keep them coming (as of course further updates are planned)

Rest assured that we are continuing on PBEM as our top priority and its now in internal testing and we are already discussing what to include in the next update

Thank you for your continued support

Ben Wilkins


– fixed a black band display error for very wide screen display setups when viewing the world map in game.
– fixed AI retreat logic for air units when set to GUARD and HOLD in position.
– fixed an AI friendly major controlled units error that had the AI moving units not under its control on your turn.
– fixed a Reports and War Map resource listing that was incorrect as it was not including Major Cities and Major Capitals in the totals.
– fixed a password storage and retrieval error that was causing some issues with Hotseat games when using the ‘password’ option.
– fixed a rare disappearing Capitals error.
– fixed a Primary and Secondary supply issue for situations such as when Italy is surrendered and then subsequently liberated. An occupier would gain the Primary and Secondary supply centers of Italy once Italy had surrendered, but it would then subsequently automatically lose them once Italy is liberated. This is no longer the case and an occupier would have to physically lose those locations after an Italian liberation to permanently lose them as supply locations.
– fixed several ‘on_left_button_down’ errors related to unit selection and movement.
– fixed an ‘animate_sea_transport’ error.
– fixed an ESC key error that would cause some sub windows to CTD.
– fixed a returning capital error where the re-captured capital had a low supply causing a drop in strength in connected resource calculations.
– fixed a UNIT script error that was not having some unit events trigger when the AI was controlling friendly majors on your turn.
– fixed a dissapearing unit bug when swapping units.
– UNIT script header notes expanded to explain the use of #LEVEL= -1 for when setting specific scripts for AI controlled friendly majors on your turn.
– any unit that is using Cruise mode will no longer find or be stopped by a Sub in Silent mode, including Destroyers.
– subs that are completely surrounded now have a chance to dive and retreat but in this case may still end their dive next to an enemy unit if no other escape option is possible for it.
– ANNEXATION events now transform the former Capitals, Primary Supply Centers and Industrial Centers to Secondary Supply Centers only.


– fixed a UK build up of units in Canada error that did not see them transported back to the UK home island after a capital move to Toronto, and when the UK home island had been subsequently liberated.


– Reduced experience gains from Convoy Raiding by air units and surface vessels from 0.2 to 0.1 per raid.
– Increased experience gains for all land units from all infantry (Garrison -> Pill Box/Shock Army; Reconnaissance -> Heavy Tanks), all air units, and for all naval units (Dreadnoughts -> Motor Torpedo Boat) for an Attack (Defending Unit) and Attack Victory (Defender Destroyed) from 0.1 to 0.15.
– Soviet Shock Army’s Retreat chances set to match that of a normal Army. 30 10 1
– The chance of rain in the British Isles in Fall reduced from 35 to 25% (johnvmcnichols).
– The Italian navy now has the Lampo Destroyer in all campaigns from 1939-42, with it deployed at Brindisi (Klydon).
– Map text for Loops changed to white (sPzAbt653).
– Loops from the Red Sea to North Atlantic, and from the US East Coast to the Red Sea reduced from taking 4 to 3 turns (The Land).
– In the 1939 campaign, French starting naval dispositions and strengths have been amended with the BB Provence at Marseille and BB Paris at Bordeaux being reduced to strength 8, while in January 1940 the DD Jaguar now deploys at Casablanca and the BB Dunkerque at Brest.
– Railways added in the USSR from Guryev to Aktyubinsk to hex 261,79, and also linking Astrakhan to Grozny (sPzAbt653).
– The ports of Ajaccio (163,101), Le Havre (146,82) and Charlottetown (31,91) have had their names added.
– Even numbered US Army IDs replaced with odd numbered ones (Steely Glint).
– German Special Forces Build Limit increased from 1 to 2.
– Spain’s starting pro-Axis leaning reduced from 20% to 12% in the 1939 and 1940 campaigns, and from 40 to 32% in the 1941; 1942 and 1943 campaigns.
– Advanced Aircraft research limited to 1 chit (ILCK).
– Removed the mention of Finland joining the Axis when Germany declares war on the USSR from the German advice pop ups (ILCK; Scook_99).
– Italy’s starting National Morale has been increased by 10,000 so that a capture of Rome will generally be necessary to make the country surrender.
– Fixed two dummy DECISION scripts (DE 451 and DE 452) that had the potential to fire if players switched between human and AI control of the USSR.
– Italy can now purchase a Maritime Bomber.
– Hungary and Romania can now purchase 2 Garrison units, while Germany’s limit has been increased from 25 to 30.
– Soviet Shock Army Build Time increased from 1 to 4 months (Zagys).
– Gave Germany five more Garrison unit names.
– Labels added for Terceira, Pico and Flores (all centred vertically and horizontally) and São Jorge (100 vertically, centred horizontally) on the Azores (sPzAbt653).
– Lerida renamed as Lérida.
– The cost of investing in Diplomacy against neutral Majors on the opposite side has been increased from 125 to 150 MPPs (Polonthi).
– Mechanized; Special Forces; Paratroops; Tanks’ Air Attack Values increased from 6 to 8; Partisans increased from 2 to 4; Reconnaissance and Anti-Tanks from 3 to 6; Light Tanks from 4 to 6.
– HMS Indomitable added at Gibraltar to the 1942 campaign (Mithrilotter).
– De Lattre de Tassigny and de Gaulle added as French HQ names for the 1941 to 1944 campaigns (Patrat; Hartmann).
– Destroyers can now upgrade to level 5 Anti-Submarine Warfare (Caladan; Mithilotter).
– Pinsk and its road connection removed from the map.
– Supply script Pop Up texts amended for the St Nazaire raid in the 1939; 1940; 1941 campaigns (warspite1; Benedict151).
– Convoy route added from Norfolk (USA) to Yarmouth in Nova Scotia for when the UK has transferred its capital to Canada and the USSR has surrendered, and #MAP_POSITION= 25,96 added to the Surrender_1 script #NAME= DE 105 – UK Moves Government To Toronto (sPzAbt653).
– Increased the cost of DE 204 to send the Anglo-French Expedition to Finland from 100 to 150 MPPs, split equally between the UK and France, and if the Anglo-French Expedition is successful then it will now swing the USSR 8-12% towards the Axis (previously this was 4-6%).
– If Iraq has been conquered by the UK then Basra will now transfer back to Iraq via a Territory script so that the convoy from the Middle East can resume (Crispy131313).
– DE 406 spelling of fulfill corrected (sPzAbt653).
– Disabled the Pop Up script entitled German/Soviet Front Garrison Report 1941 which showed german_report_1941_1.png.
– Removed the need for the USSR to be Allied and 100% mobilized from DE 625’s Unit script, replacing it with a German Variable Condition (sPzAbt653).
– Added text to the Borders and Friendship Treaty Decision Notes to highlight when Germany would have the opportunity to annex Lithuania in the 1939 campaign (Arne Beruldsen; ILCK; Hartmann).
– Removed duplicated Soviet Partisans at #MAP_POSITION= 225,88 in all campaigns (steelwarrior).
– War Entry script added to mobilize Czechoslovakia for the Banská Bystrica uprising in all campaigns (Xwormwood).
– DE 100 Decision script & Strategy Guide: changed the description of the Lorraine from a Cruiser to Battleship for the 1939 and 1940 campaigns (warspite1).
– Notes to the Polish DE 500 for the 1939 campaign amended to correctly reflect that if Polish soldiers head for France then the UK will only subsequently have a chance to form the I Polish Corps if France didn’t (Zagys).
– Increased the pro-Allied mobilizations of all three French colonies if the Axis declare war on Vichy France in the 1939 to 1942 campaigns (Hartmann).
– Vichy Mobilization 1 scripts corrected to remove duplications when the Allies declared war, which should have applied when the Axis declared war in the 1939 to 1942 campaigns (Zagys).
– DE 416 will now only fire when the USSR is at 100% Mobilization in the 1939, 1940 and 1941 campaigns (dhucul).
– The presence of an Allied unit in Rhodes will now swing Turkey by 15-25% towards the Allies (sPzAbt653).
– Increased the pro-Allied swing of an Axis declaration of war on Latvia (Mobilization 1) to 25-35%.
– Amended the starting positions and Decision train leading to the deployment of Red Army forces in the North West (Bo).
– Vichy France will now deploy its navy if it joins the Axis or Allies for the 1939 to 1942 campaigns (Mountaineer).
– US and Soviet Dummy Decisions for sending supplies via Vladivostock to the USSR amended so that when the USA is fully Mobilized it will fire at the start of the turn. This is to prevent double the usual number of MPPs being sent on the turn the USA enters the war, in all campaigns (sPzAbt653).
– Notes to DE 204 regarding Finland swinging towards the Allies corrected (sPzAbt653).
– Pop Up for DiMaggio’s Hitting Streak corrected (sPzAbt653).
– French Strength scripts corrected as they were using Afghanistan’s Country ID rather than France’s (ericdauriac).
– Yugoslav HQ Simovic now deploys at Valjevo 185,95 rather than at Belgrade (ILCK).
– Hidden Attacker Readiness Bonus for surprise contact at sea reduced from 25 to 15% for all surface vessels (sPzAbt653).
– Cost of Amphibious Transports increased from 20 to 25% of the Unit Cost.
– Spying & Intelligence Research capped at level 3.
– Canada’s starting Amphibious Transport Build Limit reduced from 2 to 1.
– 104,36 north of Reykjavik changed to a land hex, number 455 (oxford_guy).
– DE 126 no longer checks for an Axis unit in the port.
– Delayed the British occupation of the Faroe Islands with the Operation Valentine event, so as to prevent the Islands transferring back to Germany (Boonierat1972).
– In Multiplayer, a Mobilization 3 script added for Italy so that if it reaches 90% by the start of the Allied turn then it will reach full mobilization at the end of that turn (PdL).
– Four Soviet Resources have been moved from the RESOURCE script #NAME= Soviet Industrial Mobilization (1) to #NAME= Soviet Industrial Mobilization (2) These are: 233,64 Gorky; 243,66 Kazan; 245,72 Kuybyshev; 237,77 Saratov. The duplication of 243,66 has also been removed from the first script.
– Additionally, the failsafe date for the RESOURCE script #NAME= Soviet Industrial Mobilization (2) has been changed from 1st January 1941 to 1st January 1942.


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