Quarantine : trailer et screenshots

A l’occasion de son arrivée prochaine sur Steam Early Access, voici quelques captures d’écrans et une courte bande-annonce présentant Quarantine, jeu de stratégie en tour par tour qui vous proposera de diriger une équipe d’agents spéciaux luttant contre une pandémie.

Réalisé par 505 Games et Sproing, le jeu semble très soigné tant en terme d’ambiance que de choix offerts au joueur pour gérer son agence de biosécurité et trouver un remède face à une voire plusieurs virulentes maladies menaçant la population humaine.

Pour plus d’informations sur Quarantine, dont la bêta ouvrira ses portes ce 9 février et pour lequel on ne connait pas encore la date de sortie définitive, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou le site officiel.


Quarantine hitting Early Access on February 9, 2017!

Quarantine, the new turn-based strategy game, is coming to Early Access on STEAM beginning February 9, 2017! In Quarantine, players battle to contain outbreaks and cure diseases as the director of Pandemic Defense, an international biosecurity agency. In this riveting single player game, players must respond quickly to the onslaught of widespread, deadly contagions.

A new pathogen has arrived and every turn counts – our survival rests in each player’s hands. Recruit a team of specialized operatives and deploy them on high-stakes missions across the globe. Research the disease, upgrade the tech, and quarantine the outbreak before it infects – and kills – humanity.

Having a strategy game like Quarantine in Early Access offers us at 505 Games and Sproing an awesome opportunity to work with our community to refine games in the genre and build the best turn-based strategy game possible. We’d like to introduce players into the game early on and get your feedback to help inform and influence the development roadmap. At the end of the day, our goal is to make Quarantine the best version it can be – and we plan to use the community as our guiding light to achieve those results.

Quarantine: A New Strain of Turn-Based Strategy

We’re in the midst of a renaissance for strategy games—whether it’s on PC, or in the board game scene. Almost every month, groundbreaking new titles come out with fascinating themes and innovative mechanics that set the bar ever-higher. There’s simply never been a better time to be a strategy gamer, and that’s why we’re excited to announce Quarantine for Steam Early Access.

As lifelong fans of the genre, the team at 505 Games wanted to contribute to this incredible space. Our goal is to explore further in the “disease” subgenre. We wondered if there was room for a digital game—designed from the ground-up for PC—where you fight against global epidemics. While the idea was interesting, we knew we’d need a strong partner to bring such a project to fruition.

I’d first come across Sproing years ago, playing their Nintendo DS version of one of my favorite childhood board games, Scotland Yard. Not only had they managed to a develop a fiendishly difficult AI, but they’d gone so far as to design several excellent “custom maps” with the board game maker’s blessing. As time went on, they only continued to impress the strategy community with titles like Panzer Tactics. It seemed like a natural fit to approach Sproing about the concept. In talking with them, I was thrilled to discover that we shared not only a passion for the subject matter, but a vision for the types of mechanics that such a game would need—recruiting a team, containing outbreaks, collecting samples, researching the disease, upgrading your tech, and so on.

505 Games and Sproing are well over a year into our partnership on Quarantine, and we have a strong gameplay foundation that reflects this shared vision. But we know that for any strategy game to succeed, we’ll need an extensive amount of playtesting, with lots of iteration, and the expertise that only the Steam community can bring to bear—so we’ve decided to launch in Early Access. You can watch the trailer for Quarantine now:

As a company, 505 Games has been deeply humbled by the support and creativity of the players who’ve joined us on current or past Early Access campaigns such as for Portal Knights and How to Survive 2. The community’s guidance and criticism has absolutely shaped those games for the better. We hope we can replicate even a fraction of that goodwill with Quarantine. We don’t exactly now how long Early Access will last—but we’re committed to building on this foundation for many months to come. Game development is always full of twists and turns, and we hope you’ll join us for the exciting journey ahead.

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Quarantine will be available on Steam Early Access (PC) starting February 9, 2017.

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