Quoi de neuf chez Worthington ?

Voici d’un coup trois nouveaux titres chez cet éditeur, qui propose donc ce mois-ci un jeu tactique représentant les combats entre cowboys et indiens, suite améliorée d’un titre sorti en 2007, une simulation de la fameuse bataille des Ardennes et enfin le retour d’un jeu en solitaire sur l’attaque désespérée des Confédérés lors de la bataille de Gettysburg :

En parallèle l’éditeur annonce une intéressante liste de 18 titres prévus pour 2021. Voyez le communiqué suivant pour le détail. Et le site de l’éditeur pour selon les titres de plus amples informations.

A noter rapidement en passant que pour ceux ayant aimé l’original et rapide W1815, voir cette brève, le futur Austerlitz 1805 semble prometteur.



3 Games Shipping this Week!
We hope you and your families are doing well.

IN MAGNIFICENT STYLE, COWBOYS II, and BATTLE OF THE BULGE 1944 are in Norfolk and we expect them to be in our warehouse this week.


We have sent shipping surveys out on Kickstarter for backers of COWBOYS II, BATTLE OF THE BULGE 1944, and IN MAGNIFICENT STYLE. If you have not seen it in your email, please check your junk mail, spam folder, or trash. We can not ship your game if we don’t have your address. Also, please make sure you fill it out completely and correctly. Again, we can not ship if you send bad information.

We are really excited about getting these games out to you and greatly appreciate the support of our backers and support from all of you!
DAWN OF BATTLE is expected in February or early March.

HIDDEN STRIKE AMERICAN REVOLUTION and SOVIET DAWN are in final printing and will be shipped in March.


We have signed on a slew of new and old designers. All of them have very exciting designs. Some are reprints of classic titles, and some are new takes on existing systems. The one common thread we are seeing is that everyone seems to be enjoying solitaire systems so we have a bunch of those upcoming in the new year.

We have the following titles (all of which have solitaire engines in some form) in no particular order:

– WHITE MOUNTAIN – by Adrian Earle
– AUSTERLITZ 1805 by Rod Bauer. The game is based on the W1815 system and portrays the battle of Austerlitz.
– EL CID – by Jesue Peralta
– ATHENS & SPARTA – by Dan Fournie (Great Sieges System)
– DROP ZONE: SOUTHERN FRANCE 1944 – by Dan Fournie
– MALTA 1565- by Maurice Suckling (Great Sieges System)
– TARAWA 1943 – by Grant & Mike Wylie
– MALTA 1942 DELUXE- by Steve Carey (reprint of a classic VPG)
– 1779 THE SIEGE OF SAVANNAH – by Mike Wylie (Great Sieges system)
– CHURCHILL 1944 – by Mike Wylie & Grant Wylie
– KEEP UP THE FIRE! DELUXE – by John Welch (reprint of a classic VPG)

The following titles do not have may or may not have solitaire:

– SEVEN DAYS 1862 – by Grant & Mike Wylie (Civil War Brigade Battle System)
– BISMARCK 1942 – by Mike & Grant Wylie
– BAND OF BROTHERS: OLD BREED – by Jim Krohn (Band of Brothers System)
– NAPOLEON’S WAR DELUXE – by Mike & Grant Wylie (reprint and deluxification)
– BOOTS ON THE GROUND Deluxe – by Sean Cooke (reprint and deluxification)
– HOLD THE LINE: KING ARTHUR – by Matt Burchfield (Hold the Line System)
– FIRST CLASH: FRANCE 1940 – by Peter Perla

We have a number of designers working on additional titles not listed above that may jump into the system ahead of any of these as they are completed.