Rendez-vous fin février pour Constructor Plus

System 3 diffuse une bande-annonce pour présenter la version Nintendo Switch qui va précéder de quelques semaines la sortie d’une version pour PC et consoles de ce city-builder faisant son retour, 20 ans après la première mouture.

Le jeu vous met à la tête d’une entreprise devant se battre face à ses concurrents, par tous les moyens possible ! Soit par exemple en envoyant des voyous terroriser le voisinage, ou des hippies squatter les terrains inoccupés de vos adversaires. Et si cela ne suffit pas, le monde du crime a d’autres outils pouvant servir aussi. Voilà au moins une approche qui change nettement des city-builders habituels.

Pour plus d’informations sur Constructor Plus, dont la sortie semble prévue sur Switch le 15 février et sur PC le 28 février, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur.



Constructor Plus: Coming Soon to Nintendo Switch

System 3 is proud to announce the release of Constructor Plus. Constructor Plus, the long-awaited sequel to Constructor HD, the ‘wittiest building and corruption simulator of this century and the last’ hits the Nintendo Switch – soon!

In this town you’ve got to think BIG! As a small-time developer you need to build up your property empire by ANY means possible. If that means doing some dodgy deals with some seriously odious characters…so be it! Build your power base here on Earth then reach for the stars. Constructor Plus will take you out of this World!

There are a multitude of new changes and additions to Constructor Plus over last year’s Constructor HD.

Here is a short list of some of the new features.

There are MANY new buildings and building options. Constructor HD had 43 buildings you could build. Constructor Plus has 139!

Constructor HD had 5 worlds to play in. Constructor Plus now has 17, including the stunning new Outer Space Worlds.

The game now has 65 new levels of ‘PLAY’ options, which are pre-built cities for you to expand and work on. These 65 pre-built cities are across the range of world maps.

You also have a Mission Mode. This is a story mode you work through in addition to your 65 pre-built city levels. These again are pre-built cities with a story line to work through with a number of challenges and puzzles to overcome.

There are 15 different stories (missions) to play through. In addition to ‘Play’ and ‘Mission’ modes, we have kept in the original ‘Classic Constructor’. This time we have updated the game set up screens and game objectives to make it more intuitive.

Constructor Plus also sees the introduction of Retail Units, Casino’s, National Monuments & Steptoe’s Yard (a great new ‘Undesirable’ feature).

Click HERE to head over to our new ‘Constructor Central’ YouTube Channel & check out the new Nintendo Switch Teaser Trailer!