Rendez-vous fin juillet pour Making History – The Great War


Muzzy Lane vient de dévoiler la date de sortie de sa prochaine déclinaison sur le thème de la Première Guerre mondiale de Making History. Pour l’occasion voici aussi une nouvelle capture d’écran, montrant un aperçu de l’empire du Royaume-Uni à l’aube du conflit (cliquez sur l’image ci-dessus pour zoomer).

Pour plus d’informations sur Making History – The Great War, voyez le communiqué ci-après et le site officiel, particulièrement du coté du blog du studio où se trouvent d’autres aperçus de la carte et des unités.


Newburyport, MA, February 4, 2014 – Developer Muzzy Lane has announced their highly anticipated WWI era game “Making History: The Great War” will release for the Mac and the PC on July 28th, 2014. The latest game in the Making History series, The Great War will immerse players in an era of transition and intrigue, backdoor diplomacy and naked aggression, unstable empires with conflicting interests and military strategies rendered obsolete by modern, industrialized warfare. Players will get to control autocratic leaders who, at that time, had almost unlimited power. They control their economies, can raise armies, and make diplomatic deals. As the game progresses, they may find that power slipping away amidst a rising tide of new ideologies and nationalism.

“World War One is an incredibly interesting time period to set a grand strategy game”, says Dave McCool, CEO of Muzzy Lane, “The great powers in Europe are all striving to overcome different obstacles to either dominate Europe or prevent someone else from doing so. No matter what you do as a player it’s going make someone unhappy, so the question becomes who are you willing to ignore, betray, or risk war with to achieve your own objectives.” Players will also face different challenges depending on who they play. “We’re crafting a unique player experience for each of the great nations that were involved,” McCool said, “Winning as the British Empire will require a very different strategy than as Germany or France.” The same applies to late-joining nations such as the US, although McCool points out that crafting the experience won’t prevent players from making decisions that stray from actual historical events. “It is Making History, after all.”

“The Great War” will release on both Mac and PC and will include an editor for making new scenarios and access to the multiplayer game service hosted by Muzzy Lane. It will be available at leading digital distribution sites such as Steam, Amazon, the Mac App Store and GamersGate, among others, as well as at the Making History website: That is also the place to go to get up-to-date news on development, including early access to a pre-release beta.

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