Rendez-vous fin mars pour Total Tank Generals

En bref. Point de nouvelles images pour l’instant, mais au moins la confirmation que ce wargame tactique au potentiel ludique intéressant arrivera tout juste pour le début du printemps. On devrait donc assez rapidement en découvrir plus sur le contenu du jeu, particulièrement les scénarios allant composer les trois campagnes sur les thèmes respectivement des généraux Patton, Zhukov, et Rommel.

En théorie le jeu devrait intéresser soit des joueurs vétérans privilégiant des parties assez rapides, soit des débutants cherchant à s’initier avec un gameplay simple mais pas trop simpliste non plus. Le tout allant être accompagné par des graphismes soignés.

En attendant plus d’informations sur Total Tank Generals, dont l’offensive débutera donc le 30 mars prochain, si tout va bien, voyez notre aperçu du scénario La bataille d’Arras, puis cette fiche sur Steam et cette page sur le site du studio.



Total Tank Generals Launches 30/03/2023
Noobz from Poland & 505 Games are proud to announce the release date of the upcoming WW2 tactical wargame.

Be seated.

Cadets, it is with great pleasure that we announce the release date of Total Tank Generals. The upcoming WW2 Hex-based tactical wargame will be releasing on March 30th, 2023

There’s not long to go before you take command of some of the most infamous armies in WW2, so Wishlist now!

Every War Has Its Generals

Total Tank Generals needs you! Take command of an army during WW2 and lead them to victory. Strategize your way through many scenarios and real historical military campaigns of past generals – such as Patton, Zhukov, and Rommel.

Turn-based strategy is the name of the game here, as you’re dropped into real historical military campaigns of past generals and see how you fair.

Every Decision Matters

Deciding how to take on the latest campaign can be challenging and choosing suitable units for battles can be tricky. There are dozens of unit options to choose from, some that complement each other when carefully positioned and manoeuvred across the battlefield. Some are lone wolves that are built to dominate.

You are the general and it your choice when and who to recruit and promote. When to expand your army and when to resupply on all out assaults. If all else fails, the air support can be called in to help the troops on the ground or turn the tide of battle in your favour.

Every Unit Matters

Total Tank Generals features an innovative way of stacking units. Allowing you to mix each tile to your favour. Adding an additional tactical way that could give you the advantage.

Every army has its own selection of units – each with its own strengths and weaknesses – that reflect their historical counterparts

Every Detail Matters

Immersing yourself in the history of the largest military conflict to date and follow in the footsteps of some of the greatest military leaders across their campaigns that made them.

Total Tank Generals will offer a strong historical approach for casual gamers to long-time strategy fans and WW2 enthusiasts. All of this is delivered in an entertaining and comprehensive package depitcing historical events in a realistic documentary-like manner.

Every Idea Matters

Total Tank Generals will also offer extensive modding support and map-making with Steam Workshop. Allowing construction and creation of campaigns to challenge you and your friends.

Modding support will allow for easy tweaks to stats and mechanics, adding new units or even changing visuals to create whole new universes to explore.

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