Rendez-vous fin septembre pour Men of War 2

En bref. Les amateurs de jolis STR et de 39-45 n’ont plus longtemps à attendre pour voir débarquer sur leurs écrans la suite de Men of War. En effet l’éditeur, Fulqrum Publishing, ex studio russo-polonais 1C Entertainement qui a changé de nom suite à son rachat par le chinois Tencent l’an dernier, a confirmé que le jeu sera bel et bien prêt à la fin de l’été, le 20 septembre prochain.

Voici également une précédente présentation vidéo montrant une des missions de la campagne intitulée Poche de Falaise, mission ici coté américain qui a pu être essayée lors d’une phase bêta ouverte en mai dernier.

Pour plus d’informations sur Men of War II, voyez cette fiche sur Steam.



Men of War II Reports for Duty in September

Greetings Commanders,

Today is the day you have been waiting for – we are excited to announce that Men of War II will be available on September 20, 2023!

And to celebrate this momentous occasion, we have prepared a new trailer, showcasing the full scope of the game:

We also believe it is now the right time to dive a little deeper into the different content available at launch, and officially unveil brand-new features, campaigns and game modes we have not talked about before:

Three Epic Narrative Campaigns

At launch, the game will feature three single-player narrative campaigns, which will guide you through explosive fictional stories set against a historically accurate background. Featuring plotlines from three global powers – the Americans, Soviets, and Germans – you will have to utilize military strategy to lay waste to your adversaries and fulfill various tactical objectives.

The American campaign, ‘The Falaise Pocket’, will see you take on the role of Allied troops facing the task of eliminating German forces west of the Seine.
‘Thwarted Blitzkrieg’is the Soviet campaign, and follows an almost hopeless situation for the USSR, as they struggle to slow the encroaching German tank forces.
In the German campaign, ‘On Their Own Soil’, you will act as an old soldier amidst the collapse of the Third Reich, following the difficult road of retreat and loss, in a war that was never truly his own.

Historical Campaigns

In addition to the narrative campaigns, you will be given the ability to dive deeper into true historical operations with American ‘Operation Overlord’, the Allied operation into Western Europe, and Soviet ‘Operation Bagration’, a large-scale Soviet offensive against Nazi Germany, through a series of related missions. These historical campaigns offer more dynamic choices regarding the battalions and units you choose to defeat the enemy threat.

Raids and Conquest

Two further campaign modes will offer even more variety. The first is Raids, which are a series of 16 randomly generated battles, where you progress by conquering your opponents and upgrading your battalions.

Conquest offers a truly dynamic campaign in which you are free to choose a path for your army in an attempt to conquer territory on a dedicated map. These attempts are challenged by AI battalions, who will be consistently counter-attacking in an intense fight to capture it back.

Multiplayer Mobilised

Men of War II will also showcase more than 20 hand-crafted multiplayer maps, 5 dedicated PVE game modes, and 13 game modes for PVP. 5-player co-op will also be implemented for all narrative and historical campaigns, as well as individual missions.

Robust Mod Support

The action never stops thanks to a significantly redesigned and modified GEM RTS engine. With a comprehensive editor and full mod support at launch, Men of War II is primed to keep growing with community-created content, and we can’t wait to see what amazing new battlefields, units, or whole armies our fans will come up with!

We wholeheartedly appreciate the support and constructive criticism from you, our community. While we have unveiled most of the launch content for Men of War II now, we still have a few surprises the dev team is working on, which we believe will please especially the franchise veterans. We will be sharing more details about that and more information about the campaigns and game modes we already teased today, before the release.

Make sure you wishlist the game to not miss any new announcements, and we will also be happy to see you on the official Men of War II Discord server!


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