Rendez-vous mi août pour Company of Crime

En bref. Ce jeu allant a priori offrir une approche originale dans le registre de la gestion d’un empire du crime, ou de la lutte contre lui, particulièrement avec son thème embrassant pleinement l’Angleterre des années 60 et la mythique agence Scotland Yard, ce jeu de stratégie et de combats tactiques sera très prochainement disponible. Précisément à compter du 8 août prochain, si tout va bien.

Que vous soyez plutôt gangster dans l’âme ou preux détective, tenez-vous prêt, l’heure H du crime approche !

Pour plus d’informations sur Company of Crime, voyez cette fiche sur Steam ou cette page chez l’éditeur.



Company of Crime now has an official release date!

In for a penny, in for a pound – Company of Crime is coming out on Steam on August 8th at 8:00 am CEST / 2:00 am EDT (August 7th 11:00 pm PDT). The launch price is set at $29.99 USD / 29.99 EUR with a 10% launch discount available for those who grab the title within the first week after the release. So mark this date mate, this is an offer you can’t refuse! Now grab a pint and check out this brand new fancy trailer where you’ll learn some tips for up and coming gangsters who want to build their very own criminal empire:

Enjoy the 1960s atmosphere of London in this strategy title, where you build up your mob from a small street gang to a full-blown crime syndicate vying for control of Albion’s underworld. On your way to the top, you will meet characters inspired by real-life individuals who made a name for themselves in this shady business such as the Kray twins or the Richardson Gang and they aren’t willing to part with their territory peacefully. To deal with them, you will have various melee and ranged weapons at your disposal, as well as different character classes each with their very own skill set.