Rendez-vous mi-mars pour Endzone

Les amateurs de city-builders ambiance postapo seront contents de voir que ce jeu original en phase Accès anticipé depuis près d’un an va bientôt s’ouvrir à tous. Depuis le jeu a nettement évolué, en partie du fait des remarques des joueurs, voyez la liste des modifications en cours dernièrement ainsi que la feuille de route plus bas, récapitulant le parcours des développeurs. Je vous rajoute aussi les différents trailers ayant présenté tout cela en images au fil des mois.

A noter enfin qu’une extension est prévue pour on ne sait quand plus tard cette année, une fois que le jeu sera bien rodé.

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Collect & Explore Update | Available Now | Release: 18th March 2021

Dear fellow Survivors!

Some time has passed since Endzone – A World Apart started into Early Access in April last year. It has been an incredible journey and we are just awestruck by our great community and the rich feedback we got from you all. We already stated earlier that our Early Access period will be roughly a year and we stand by this claim, which is why Endzone releases as a full game on 18th of March this year. For this reason, we will interrupt our regular pace of one major update per month and dedicate our resources to optimization, improvement and, most importantly, working on brand new features for our release update, which is why there will be no further update in February. To not leave you hanging, a Community Preview will be made available in February, where you can also enjoy some of the bug fixes and improvements that will be part of our release version. We understand that for some of you our news might come as a surprise (we didn’t talk too much about our release date), as you might have thought that our early access period might be even longer.

We think that our game has matured tremendously over the whole development and especially since the start of its Early Access period. Development has been driven and influenced by what you had to say and wished for, which often matched our own vision but sometimes gave us a completely new perspective on what to prioritize on. It is hard for us to let go and we think that you might share this feeling with us, so we’d like to let you know what will happen to Endzone and what you can expect from us during 2021.

With the release on 18th March 2021, Endzone will get a big release update, including brand new gameplay features, targeted especially at the late game.
After that we’ll support the game with bug fixes and Quality of Life improvements. We know that you’ll want to give us feedback especially on the newly introduced features and we’ll still be all eyes and ears about that.
However, in the following months, there won’t be big new feature updates as there were during Early Access.
The team will focus on evaluating and eventually start porting the game to modern consoles, with time and resources spent on a good user interface. If all goes well, the PC version of the game might also receive gamepad support.
At the same time, we’ll start working on a classical “add-on” which is targeted to also come out in 2021. We already have some ideas for that but as always we’d love your ideas and feedback of what you would like to see.

As always, we’d love to hear from you and what you have to think about this.

Stay Healthy,
Your teams from Gentlymad & Assemble



Expeditions: Added several special buildings and technologies that can now be collected during expeditions or doing side missions.
Research: Added 2 new technologies to reduce the penalty of placing Wells and Fishing Huts next to each other.
Research: Added technology to increase the inventory size of explorers.
Research: Added new stories to Military Base, Fast Food Restaurant, Construction Site and Harvester.
Buildings: Added 2 new decorative buildings, that can be unlocked via side missions and expeditions: Memorial and Pavilion.
Buildings: Added 5 new decorative streetlamps.
Buildings: Added an upgrade for the tailor building that doubles the possible workforce and provides a better production efficiency.
Buildings: Added an upgrade for the workshop building that doubles the possible workforce and provides a better production efficiency.
Buildings: Added a new ruin type, the police station.
UI: Added additional info for all buildings of the same type directly in the scene. This gives an overview of all buildings that use the same recipe. Additionally, you can now change the current recipe without having to click on the object beforehand. You can toggle this info in the lower HUD and in the game settings.
Side Missions: Implemented Research missions for the upgraded tailor and the upgraded workshop.
Scenarios: Added a new scenario: “Dark Times” where you have to rebuild a nearly destroyed settlement. This also includes a new achievement for finishing the scenario.


Buildings: Visitors now leave the building if the condition of a building is 0%.
Buildings: Prevent builders from being blocked too long in medical facilities.
Buildings: Fixed error that prevented buildings from upgrading.
UI: Research equipment marker is no longer falsely shown in a story dialogue if enough research utensils were already collected.
UI: Fixed “Mark for salvaging”-button of ruin not showing while the inspector is open after an expedition returned.
Trader: Fixed time until the next trader arrives not being shown.
Settlers: Fixed an error that could occur when tasks could not be spawned.
Settlers: Fixed a bug when creating tasks for settlers and their inventory was nearly full.
Settlers: Hunter don’t tranquilize more animals if there are already tranquilized animals lying around.
Side Missions: “Strange Explorers” and “Unknown Researchers” side missions now are instantly solved if the player has reached 1.000 expedition rations.
Performance: Big performance boost when playing with higher game speed.
Expeditions: Explorers no longer discard their radiation protection if the player selected “None” for tools (and vice versa).
Expeditions: Removed research utensils from two Greenhouse stories which should not have been there.
Expeditions: Fixed possible bug where, after an expedition was cancelled, the explorers gathered too early, causing an error.
Expeditions: Fixed expedition not starting in some cases when Expedition Post was missing resources.
Expeditions: Fixed Action Points not calculated correctly if Expedition Rations were requested as advantage.
Expeditions: Amount of ruins with research utensils left can no longer become negative if ruins are removed by the player.
Expeditions: Logic no longer tries to remove Expedition Rations from the explorer’s inventory when cancelling a resource expedition.
Expeditions: Side missions unlocking a random technology no longer unlock technologies blocked by not yet gathered research utensils.
Pathfinding: Fixed settlers not walking across a dismantled building’s area.
Settlers: Builders are not “hammering” on a construction site anymore, when they are currently only bringing resources to it.


Buildings: Pioneer Statue is now a decorative building that is unique.
Buildings: Added ability for shelters & upgraded shelters to select which type of settlers can live in them, you can choose between “All Settlers” or “Old & Infertile”.
Buildings: Added ability to switch between building variants when there are several variants of one building available. This works with: Cabins, Sturdy Houses, Food Counter, Water Tap, Streetlamps and Flags.
Buildings: Decorations that are locked are now completely hidden in the build menu.
UI: The technology window button in the HUD now displays the progress of ongoing technology research (if active).
UI: The roadmap now has a higher resolution and a better initial scrolling position.
UI: Improved the explorer dialogue layout.
UI: Removed the inventory tab from houses and shelters as it is not needed any longer.
UI: The inventory tab of Pastures now allows to set the collection sources for water. However, in order to have the UI available for already built Pastures in older save games it’s necessary to demolish and rebuild them.
UI: Save game descriptions can now be confirmed by hitting enter.
UI: Hitting enter now triggers the next possible action in the expedition window, depending on the state the selected ruin is currently in (Possible actions are: Send scout, setup expedition and instruct expedition).
Environment: Grass now immediately regrows when a building or a ruin is removed.
Research: Stew and Cake recipes must now be researched.
Research: Increased cooldown of “Unscheduled Types of Research” and “Field Testing” side missions.
Research: Improved layout of the technology tree.
Side Missions: Confidence needs to be higher for Catastrophe Missions to trigger.
Expeditions: Instead of a radar, there is now a list of ongoing and active scouting missions.
Expeditions: Updated the visuals of the expedition post.
Expeditions: Finished locations are now checkmarked in the Expedition window and can no longer be automatically dismantled (players can still mark them for salvaging).
Expeditions: If all locations are fully completed the Expedition window gives feedback accordingly.
Expeditions: Gathering explorers and gathering resources now happens simultaneously when starting an expedition.
Expeditions: Completely overhauled the expedition window. Every ruin now features specific icons, displayed on the radar as soon as they have been scouted, so it’s easier to distinguish between them. It’s also possible now to navigate to ruins using camera controls.
Expeditions: Expeditions are no longer canceled because an Explorer died. (Explorers are now immortal directly after starting an expedition.)
Expeditions: Made expedition preparation faster. If available, expedition rations are now automatically assigned to a currently collecting expedition without a scout having to actively do it.
Survival Mode: The default sandstorm damage has been increased from low to medium.
Electricity: The analytic view for electricity now tints connections based on the current grid state (power flowing, overloaded, not connected).
Forester Lodge: Updated the visuals of the Forester Lodge.
Food Station: Food Station now has a quick preview of the stored amount of food.

Known issues

Expeditions: Expeditions that are currently gathering at the expedition post or that are currently gathering resources will be cancelled when loading savegames from before this update to avoid bugs in the new expedition preparation behavior.
Expeditions: If the survivor, found at the end of the hospital story, dies, an icon indicating that a technology or a building can be found in the hospital ruin, is displayed in the expedition window, even if none can be found in that case.
Gameplay: If the technologies for higher efficiency for buildings with overlapping working areas were researched in a game round and a new game is started from this game round, the raised efficiency values for the corresponding buildings are not reset correctly.


In Endzone, the introduction of decorations not only meant that a completely new factor had to be permanently considered and planned for, but also that you could now make your settlement more personal and homely.
With this update comes a whole 7 new decorations, of which 5 different variations of Street Lamps are possible. While the Street Lamps can be built right from the start, the new decorative buildings can only be found in your construction menu once you have made the corresponding progress in the settlement. In addition, these buildings can only be built once each, so you should think carefully about where to build the new Pavillon and Memorial!

Along with the new decorations, we have finally introduced upgrades for well-known production buildings. Instead of meeting the ever-increasing demands of your growing population with hundreds of tailor shops and workshops, you can now upgrade existing ones to increase production.

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