Accueil Actus Rise of Industry – 2130 : bande-annonce

Rise of Industry – 2130 : bande-annonce

En bref. Voici un trailer diffusé la semaine dernière pour accompagner la sortie de l’extension de ce jeu de développement industriel où le joueur doit ici faire face à un hypothétique épuisement des ressources naturelles et exploiter les ressources encore trouvables dans des villes en ruines pour reconstruire son empire futuriste.

Concernant le jeu de base, celui-ci a bénéficié il y a peu d’un important patch 2.0, mise à jour gratuite ajoutant par exemple un système de plans et un affichage des saisons, changement esthétique n’affectant toutefois pas le gameplay (voir cette annonce ou ce changelog pour plus de précisions).

Pour plus d’informations sur Rise of Industry – 2130, voyez cette page sur Steam ou le site officiel.



Rise of Industry Expands Into the Future with 2130

The expansion to the hit Tycoon game is available now

The world has changed. Ruins of the past lay in the shadows and your once thriving business must now rise again. This is 2130.

Kasedo Games and Dapper Penguin Studios are thrilled to announce that expansion Rise of Industry: 2130 is now available for Windows PC, Mac & Linux for $9.99/€9.99/£6.99.

Set 200 years on from the base game, 2130 is set in a bleak dystopian future caused by mankind’s endless capitalism and the environmental corruption of decades gone by.

From the towns and cities that have risen again, you must adapt to your new settings and become a business tycoon in a new and unknown world.

Manage pollution in your new world, harnessing it to create new resources, but limiting its effect to create thriving farms. Scavenge materials from ruins of former cities, and move them to market with new cargo boats, maglev trains, and even dropships.

Base Game Free Update

Base game players will also gain from the release of the expansion. The free 2.0 update, which is available now, brings new features to enhance the Rise of Industry experience.

With the new Layouts function, players will be able to build their ideal production setups and share them with the community or replicate them as many times as they like.

The introduction of seasons, a new objective-based ‘helper’ system – ‘The Assistant’ and a host of fixes and improvements completes the update.

Rise of Industry: 2130 is available now for Windows PC, Mac & Linux.

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