Sand & Secrets, prochain DLC pour Rebel Inc – Escalation

En bref. Ndemic annonce qu’un premier DLC va venir varier les possibilités dans ce jeu de ce jeu de simulation politique et militaire qui propose un défi stratégique représentant une contre-insurrection moderne.

Add-on qui ajoutera une nouvelle région désertique nommée Golden Sands à stabiliser, des champs de pétrole et divers mécanismes et / ou scénarios.

Attention, ce DLC sera offert gratuitement pendant le mois suivant sa sortie, puis deviendra payant après.

Faute de communiqué, pour plus d’informations sur Sand & Secrets, dont la sortie est prévue ce 20 septembre, voyez cette fiche sur Steam. Et la récente FAQ ci-après. Concernant Rebel Inc., voyez le site officielcette page sur iTunes ou celle-ci sur Google Store. Ou aussi celle-ci sur Steam.




Rebel Inc: Escalation – What’s Next?
New content and more!

It’s been nearly a year since Rebel Inc: Escalation came out of early access and we’re pleased to say that the game is still going strong.

Now let’s look at how we plan to grow the game going forward.

Our immediate plan is to release a new DLC called Sand & Secrets. This will add a completely new region called Golden Sands and a number of new scenarios. Coming very soon, this DLC will be free at launch for all owners of Rebel Inc: Escalation.

After this will come the first major expansion for Rebel Inc: Escalation. Dollars & Disasters will add an extravagant new governor, an explosive new region as well as a number of fun, weird and challenging official scenarios.

Beyond this – we have a lot of ideas on what to work on next so watch this space and share your ideas with us :)

We really appreciate all your support to date and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

The Ndemic Creations Team

Will Sand & Secrets always be free?
After 1 month, it will become a paid DLC. If you’ve picked it up during the free period, you get to keep it!

Why will you charge for the DLCs?
We originally said we would raise the price of the game when it left Early Access and also charge for DLC. However, recently we decided that keeping the base price the same whilst still charging for DLCs will allow us to support the game for longer. Don’t worry – Sand & Secrets will be free at launch, so anyone who already owns the game can pick it up for free.

Will Dollars & Disasters be free at launch too?
No – unlike Sand & Secrets, it will be a paid DLC from the start. However, it will be added to the Mega Edition Bundle so existing owners can get it at a discount.

Will there be free updates as well?
Yes! We still plan to release free content (on top of the 3 years of content we have already released for free!). New regions that we add as paid DLC content will also be available for everyone to play in the Campaign mode.

Will the new expansions be added to the Rebel Inc: Escalation – Mega Edition?
Yes – new expansions will become part of the Mega Edition Bundle. If you have already bought the Mega Edition, you will get an additional discount on purchasing new DLCs.


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