Shadow Empire : patch 1.2 et trailer pour Oceania

Matrix diffuse une nouvelle bande-annonce pour accompagner la sortie aujourd’hui de la première extension de l’original 4X Shadow Empire. Add-on qui ajoute au jeu la dimension océanique, ouvrant de nouveaux horizons au cadre désertique habituel du thème post-apocalyptique.

En parallèle, un patch 1.2 est arrivé il y a peu pour le jeu de base. Patch qui en plus d’une mise à jour du manuel améliore différents aspects du jeu, dont l’IA et l’interface (voir le communiqué ci-après et ce changelog).

Pour plus d’informations sur l’extension Oceania, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur et cette page sur Steam. Concernant Shadow Empire, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ou aussi celle-ci sur Steam.



Shadow Empire: Oceania out now

We are excited to announce the release of Oceania, the new DLC for the award-winning 4X wargame Shadow Empire. Along with this new expansion, players will also receive a massive free Core 1.2 update that brings hundreds of fixes and improvements to the game.

Download the free Core 1.2 update HERE.

To celebrate the release of the new DLC and the Core 1.2 update, Shadow Empire will be part of a special sale.

DLC Description:

For a long time the Planet Generation of Shadow Empire was limited to dry Planets and Planets with relatively small bodies of water. Now all is possible. You can create second Earths and even Waterworlds. Planets with many islands, or just a few continents. The new maps being generated with Oceania DLC change the feel and ambiance of the game completely. But it also changes the gameplay a lot and will make you experience a different style of game.

On top of this: the existing land-based Traders have gotten a more organised cousin with the sea-based Traders, who are known as Maritime Trade Houses (MTHs). The MTHs will allow you to explore the Oceans and secure Transport Contracts to invade and/or keep logistics flowing between different continents or islands. The MTH are of a very mercantile nature and it is also possible to acquire their stock. Once a shareholder you can use Policy Meetings with the MTH to influence their attitudes and Dividend payments.

DLC Features:

With Oceania the Procedural Planet Generation can now generate much more diverse Planets
Gaia Planet Class now available
Thalassa Planet Class now available
Proteus Planet Class now available
Fontus Planet Class now available
Maritime Trade House (MTH) mechanics
MTH Stock-trading, Policy Meetings, Dividends & Auctions
MTH Transport, Explore and Makeshift Port Contracts
MTH Naval warfare for sea supremacy
Naval logistical points allow amphibious invasions and transfers
Note that the player does not control any naval units and all maritime action is simulated through the MTHs

Core 1.2 update:

Shadow Empire 1.2 brings many balancing improvements, bug fixes and rules improvements and finetunings:

AI quality has improved as well as the AI speed
The manual has been updated
Planet generation has been improved
Trader algorithms have been revised and the new simulation is much more solid and realistic
Micromanagement of Zone Inventories is now possible
Autocracy has been strengthened
The UI has been updated:
Faster Strategic Map & Stratagem Map on big Planets
Re-roll button for the Apocalypse Phase has been added
Skill roll preview mouse overs have been added

For those of you who want to know every detail of the Core 1.2 update, a detailed changelog is available HERE.

Shadow Empire’s manual has been updated, you can find the revised version here.

In case you have missed Vic’s stream on Oceania, the new DLC for Shadow Empire, don’t worry. You can rewatch the stream here:


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