Sheltered 2 passe en version 1.2

Avis aux amateurs de survie post-apocalyptique, ce titre sympathique qui s’était fait relativement discret depuis sa sortie à la fin de l’été dernier a bénéficié il y a peu d’une conséquente mise à jour.

A savoir d’une part l’ajout d’animaux divers, soit domestiques (chiens et chats), soit pour obtenir quelques ressources (poules et cerfs), soit pour vous compliquer un peu la vie (infestation de rats). Et d’autre part un important patch est venu lui modifier et / ou rééquilibrer nombre d’aspects du gameplay. Voyez ci-après le long changelog pour vous faire une idée des modifications et autres corrections de bugs.

Voilà sommes toutes un bon point pour ce jeu qui a nettement évolué depuis le premier volet (voir cet article) pour offrir un meilleur mélange original de gestion et d’aventures après l’apocalypse.

Pour plus d’informations sur Sheltered 2, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam.



Pets & Pests Update is OUT NOW!


Thank you for assisting us in the Beta! We’re delighted to confirm that the Pets & Pests content update for Sheltered 2 is now available!

This update harbours an abundance of content, including fairy pals, bug fixes and optimisation to keep your Shelters running better than ever before!

Content List & Patch Notes

New Content
• Pet Dog

o Dogs can be trained to learn from a range of 18 different skills
o Can learn skills to help explore, fight in combat, and help out around the shelter
o The number of skills they can learn is randomised
o Each party member can be assigned their own dog, allowing for a maximum of four dogs in a party
o Check out the “Pets – Dog” glossary entry in-game for more details
o There are five different coat colours for the dog

• Pet Cat

o Cats have three skills which scale in effectiveness based on their stat levels:
They leave the shelter at night time to scavenge in the wastes. Returning in the morning with their bounties!
• Could be meat, gold/silver items, bones, or junk items
They hunt rats that appear in the shelter
• Any rats caught will be harvested for meat when cleaned up
They provide a positive mood modifier to everyone inside the shelter who likes cats
o Check out the “Pets – Cat” glossary entry in-game for more details
o There are six different cat fur patterns

• Pet Chicken
o Chickens produce eggs (1 each per day) and can be harvested for meat
o A Chicken Coop object is required to be able to keep chickens
Chicken coops are built on the surface of the shelter
o Fertilised eggs must be located in the world and added to a coop in order to hatch a chicken
o Check out the “Pets – Chicken” glossary entry in-game for more details

• Pets Management Panel
o A new menu has been added to manage the cats and dogs you recruit
Can be opened using the icon with a dog on it in the top right of the screen
Allows you to rename them and view information such as stats, skills and age
An overview of your chickens can be viewed from each chicken coop

• Pet recruiting
o Cats and dogs can be recruited when encountering them in the world
You will need to gain their trust to convince them to join you
o There is no limit to the number of cats and dogs you can have in your shelter

• Pests – Rats
o Rats can start to spawn in the shelter once the cleanliness level of a room is low enough
The chance a rat will spawn increases as the cleanliness level drops lower
Once a rat has spawned it will not leave until caught in a trap or dealt with by a cat
o Rats will cause dirt and can spread to other rooms of the shelter
o Rats will damage powered objects in the shelter
o Rats can cause the plague illness which will kill your faction members if not treated with antibiotics
o Rats will give your faction members negative mood modifiers. These will become more potent as more rats spawn

• Surface wildlife – Deer
o Deer will now appear on the surface of the shelter
o Can be hunted by building a Deer Stand object

• New objects

o Drafting Table Tier 1

Dog bed
• A place for your pet dogs to sleep

Feeding Bowl
• The feeding bowl object is where cats and dogs feed from

Cat Scratching Post
• Stops cats from damaging objects around the shelter

Litter Tray
• Stops cats defecating in the shelter

Mouse on a Stick
• Increases a cat’s prey drive stat

Cardboard Box
• Increases a cat’s affection stat

Balls of Yarn
• Increases a cat’s scavenging stat

Rat Trap
• Can trap up to two rats

• Rats can be released on the surface or harvested for meat

o Drafting Table Tier 3

Chicken Coop
• Allows you to keep chickens
• Holds a maximum of four chickens
• Generates fertiliser over time

Deer Stand
• Used to hunt deer on the surface of the shelter
• New equipment

o Workbench Tier 2

Dog Whistle
• Increases the range at which a party can locate a dog when exploring

Cat Bell
• Increases the range at which a party can locate a cat when exploring
• New meal recipes

o Poor Stove (Tier 1)
Fried egg

o Camping Stove (Tier 2)
Gammon Egg and Chips
Mushroom Omelette

o Microwave (Tier 3)
Meat and Mushroom Pie
Vegetable Pie

o Oven (Tier 4)
Cabbage Carbonara

• New positive mood modifiers
o “Put To Rest”
Applies when burying shelter members
o “Had a Workout”
Applies when using exercise equipment
• New negative mood modifier
o “Against slavery”
Applies whilst you have prisoners in prison cells inside the shelter

Balancing/Gameplay Changes

• The dirt value of rubbish (vomit, blood, discarded food, rubbish piles from crafting, dirty objects, corpses) has been increased
• General dirt will now build up in rooms over time, instead of only being added as part of an interaction

o Cleaned up as part of the cleaning interactions on the Mop & Bucket object
• The Mop & Bucket now has a “Clean Level” interaction that allows you to only clean the level the mop & bucket is on

• Doubled the length of time a corpse will burn for in the Incinerator

• Stage 3 part 1 of the Church of Hope’s questline now has four opponents instead of one

• Balanced the damage output of some traps

o Min/Max damage reduced to zero for Flashbang Proximity Mine and Gas Proximity mine
o Min/Max damage increased for Spike Trap

• The number of items produced at workable locations is now multiplied by the number of party members
• Integrity loss on binoculars, camouflage, bags, and vehicle parts reduced by 50%
• Reduced the repair cost of all equipment and car parts

o Max repair cost is now 50% of the original recipe

• Broken bones now persist after combat and must be cured with a splint
• A broken arm reduces repair speed by 75%
• A broken leg stops a member from going out on an expedition
• Having any broken bone stops members from using exercise equipment

• Balanced some skills

o Pump Up
Instead of increasing strength it now provides a 50% damage bonus

Stamina cost has been reduced to 5 from 10

o Rallying
Now provides a boost to dexterity instead of strength

o Taunt
No longer provides +1 strength to the target
Reduced chance of success from 100% to 75%

o Demoralise
The target now deals 25% less damage, instead of receiving -2 strength

• The randomised stats range of all normal faction grunts has been increased by one
• All opponents in faction encounters now have a chance to be equipped with armour
• Balanced the number of opponents that can appear in faction encounters

o Difficulty 1 regions
1-2 opponents

o Difficulty 2 regions
1-3 opponents

o Difficulty 3 regions
2-3 opponents

o Difficulty 4 regions
3-4 opponents

o Difficulty 5 regions
4 opponents

• The buff from using a stimulant can now increase stats past the character’s max cap
o Up to the max limit of 20

• The effects of stimulants no longer stack

• When it’s time to spawn a new faction job it will now populate all free job slots

o Also, now possible to have duplicate jobs spawn

• Glass jar weight changed from 1 to 3

• Reduced the rate at which heat dissipates from a room

Quality Of Life Changes

• A party can now take out multiple 1-2 person vehicles

• The weekly events report will now only start to trigger once a faction has been discovered

• All weapons, bags and equipment attached to your faction members will now remain equipped until removed

o New individual equip menu added which can be opened using the carboard box icon on the avatar panel in the bottom left
o Any equipped items will be displayed in all relevant equipment menus (expedition setup, breach combat setup)

• Fusebox panel updated to try to display more clearly how much power is being used to charge batteries

• Warning text added to inventory panels to remind the player when there are items in the junk pile

• Can now select combat positions on party setup and – whilst a party is out – from the party equip screen

o Four yellow circles appear with their avatar
o Click the circles to switch positions

• Added a UI overlay to the map which will display the name of all locations on screen
o Hold Left Ctrl when on the map

• Added a button to the rations panel which adds 5 rations to the party

Misc Changes

• Changed the name of the Convincing Voice faction goal to Radio Experts

• Expedition setup panel layout updated to accommodate pet dogs

• New entries added to the glossary for dogs, cats, chickens, pet recruitment and rats

• Cleaning tutorial stage has been updated to cover cleaning objects

• Added two new tutorial pop-ups about summer and winter to warn of their hazards

o Summer prompt displays after 10 days
o Winter prompt displays after 40 days

• All weapons now display their type in their description

• Recruits turning up at the shelter door now display their traits

• Updated some glossary images

Bug Fixes

Toxic Morningstar no longer uses the knifing animation
Animals will no longer drop items when they run away
Fixed issue where the Incinerating Corpse job icon would be replaced with the Walk To icon when loading a save
The Laboratory crafting panel now displays the “refined” recipe details
Fixed an issue where the ailments, stats, mood, and desires panels can overlap each other if their shortcut buttons are pressed too quickly
Fixed an issue where ammunition wouldn’t deplete if it wasn’t the same quality as the weapon
Fixed an issue where the “harvested a corpse” mood modifier was being applied to psychopaths
Fixed an issue where the cycling animation could stop playing whilst using the Poor Bike
Pistols now have SFX
Fixed an issue where combat related desires weren’t fulfilling when completed
Fixed the equals button on the rations panel
The player’s turn will now automatically end after a failed escape attempt
The “Comfort Prisoner” job icon no longer displays as “Talk AI job”
Fixed an issue where items lost by the player in a previous encounter would be displayed if the opponent flees
Burnt-out objects will no longer display their object name twice when the object integrity overlay is active
Fixed an issue with “capture” jobs where they could be completed after the prisoner had been executed
Fixed an issue where the item tool tip could get stuck open on the radio panel
Fixed an issue where the item filters would not reset when the item transfer panel next opened
Fixed an issue where “-50 rep” would be displayed when defeating a faction member even though no rep was lost
Added missing SFX for the Disarm skill
A character’s name no longer randomises when switching body type on character creation
Potential further fix for characters who can become stuck
Fixed an issue where facial hair options were available for female members when using the Ceramic Sink & Mirror object
Fixed an issue where faction jobs and quests would remain active after wiping the faction out
Fixed an issue where killing and looting a faction trade group would not remove the items from the faction’s trade inventory
Fixed issue with not being able to trigger fights with breachers in front of stairwells
Fixed an issue with some interactions (paint shelter, rearrange shelter, and setup expedition) not displaying why they are unavailable during a breach
Fixed an issue where NPCs wouldn’t play their run animation whilst leaving the scene during an outpost attack
Vehicle parts no longer repair themselves when being removed and added back to a vehicle
Corpses of dead breachers can now be moved to medical beds – to use the Autopsy skill
Fixed an issue where using the “add multiple” transfer option would let you transfer more water than the shelter could store
Fixed an issue where a vehicle in a garage could get stuck in a “waiting modification” state
Fixed an issue where the desire to generate an item at a workable location wouldn’t fulfil when completed
Trading with factions now correctly grants reputation with that faction
Fixed an issue where the rearrange shelter overlay could overlap the room management overlay
Fixed an issue where the “Take Prisoner” option was available when the opponent fled combat
Fixed an issue where the medicine cabinet could block object UI warnings
The desire to “generate an item” will now spawn for characters once a workable location has been discovered
Fixed the “Likes painted walls” mood modifier
A skill max cap will now be displayed for characters with the “Repulsive” trait
Fixed an issue where the bookshelf would not recognise all the books in storage
The “Welcoming” skill now works
Characters who talk to a leader with the “Idolised” trait can no longer be insulted
Fixed an issue where blood pools would remain attached to fleeing enemies
Fixed an issue where the water bucket can remain in a character’s hand if failing to extinguish a fire
Reduced GPU usage on the main menu
Fixed an issue where planters would stop drawing power
Fixed an issue where fires could be extinguished when there is no water available
Your standing with a faction now displays correctly on the faction reputation section of the weekly events panel (if allied and reputation is negative)
Fixed issue with the end game enemy stats not displaying correctly
Fixed an issue where it was not possible to interact with a corpse that had previously overlapped another corpse
Can no longer deconstruct a recycler object whilst it is recycling or has output items to collect
Assigned job icons to jobs without them
Fixed an issue with some desires not spawning correctly
Fixed an issue where the leader’s portrait will not be displayed on Game Over
Updated the descriptions of the Schizophrenia and Insomnia mental ailments to match their effects
Updated the description of the Autopsy skill to stipulate that a medical bed object is required to use the skill
Added job icons to remaining jobs with missing icons
Sleeping prisoners now wake up when being comforted
Fixed issue with members not animating after using an item in combat
Fixed an issue with goal completion prompts being automatically dismissed
Fixed an issue where bookmarked upgrade recipes could remain bookmarked after the upgrade was crafted
Auto Save slots will now display correctly when they are first saved to
Glossary panel now updates correctly when changing language
Fixed broken Japanese translation on the broken equipment popup
Fixed an issue where the “amount to discard” menu would remain open when closing the inventory panel
The mood modifier “interrupted healing” will no longer be triggered if cancelling the rest job before the member reaches the bed
Fixed an issue where moving a snare trap with a snared rabbit would leave the rabbit in its original position
CCTV fixed! Now plays an alarm sound when breachers are close to arriving at the shelter