Siege of Dunkirk, nouveau DLC pour Steel Division 2

En bref. Une nouvelle mini-extension est disponible aujourd’hui pour Steel Division 2, add-on qui propose cette fois de jouer un autre aspect peu fréquent, ludiquement, de 39-45, c’est à dire le siège de Dunkerque par les Alliés, qui débuta fin 1944.

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Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk Out Now!

Good news, commander!

Today is the day that our latest mini-expansion for Steel Division 2 sees the light: Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk.

Strap in and dive deep into one of World War II’s most prolonged (and somewhat overlooked) operations: the Siege of Dunkirk.

Deploy either as the hard-fighting but encircled Festung Dunkirchen or the armored forces of the Czechoslovakian CIABG battlegroup in our new mini-expansion, and see who prevails on the battlefield!

Keep reading to find out everything that is to know about Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk.

What does Nemesis: Siege of Dunkrik bring?

Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk centers on a long-running campaign, far behind the front, that began in September 1944 but only finished after World War II. The remarkable Allied siege of Axis-held Dunkirk on the French coast of the English Channel.

Tasked with holding on to the critical port of Dunkirk, Axis Festung Dunkirchen
kept up the fight until the war’s end. Unlike similarly surrounded formations, the motley German battlegroup kept up high morale and aggressivity, allowing commanders to deploy elite Stosstruppen and Jagdkampf raiders. The true strength of the division lies in its powerful artillery, support, and AA units, from Soviet-made Flak 31(r) 88mm to emplaced aircraft guns Erdkampflafette 43 and captured French K 419(f) 155mm guns. Festung Dunkirchen excels in defensive combat.

The Czechoslovak Independent Armoured Brigade Group
(CIABG) was formed by Czechoslovakian troops who got their first taste of combat at Dunkirk in 1944. Augmented by British, Canadian and Free French units, including FFO Fusiliers-Marins assault scouts, the CIABG can call on a wide array of armored vehicles, from the new recon Humber LRC Mk. III to the Cromwell VII and up-armored Cromwell VIII. Strong artillery and AA forces, even siege guns, such as the BL 7,2-inch 182, 9mm, can be deployed. The CIABG can field an impressive selection of armor on the battlefield.

We also take this opportunity to express our gratitude to community members Libik
& Skautz CZ who provided invaluable help with the Czech & Slovak translations.

Some additional reading

If you want to dive deep into the history behind this Nemesis DLC or want to know more about the divisions, look no further!

The very first preview of Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk can be accessed here. Lots has changed since, especially the in-game representation of both battlegroups, but it gives you a nice sneak peek at what was to come. Based on this showcase, the community voted on Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk.
A detailed preview of how the hardy Axis garrison of Festung Dunkirchen would look in Steel Division 2 can be found here.

And a detailed preview of the Czechoslovakian “tank fist” of CIABG in-game can be read here.


The full Nemesis DLC list

If you were curious about which Nemesis DLC have been released for Steel Division 2, you came to the right place.

Our first Nemesis DLC is available for free! It highlights the Battle of Sandomierz Bridgehead and transports us to August 13th, 1944, to the war-torn heart of Poland. Nemesis: Sandomierz features two hard-hitting divisions, and two new Aces, with the 16. Panzer bringing the mighty Königstiger (H) and the Allies the Soviet 97-y Gv. Strelk. Div
featuring new units such as the Razveddozor heavy recon patrol.

We remain on the Eastern Front with our second Nemesis: DLC – the Nemesis: Lvov Offensive. This mini-expansion brings two brand-new divisions: the Axis German 20. Panzergrenadier-Division and the Allied Soviet 10-y Gv. Tank. Korpus. New units include the Elefant heavy tank destroyer, as well as the unique Bef. Tiger (P) and Bef. Panzer V/IV
command tanks and captured T-5 Pantera put in use by the Soviets.

Moving the action to the Mediterranean, our third mini-expansion is the Nemesis: Battle of Rimini, set on the Italian Adriatic coast. It pits the veteran Axis German 1. Fallschirmjäger
against the Allied 2nd New Zealand Division. Two new Aces are included, as well as a host of units such as the British Bristol Beaufighter, Greek Martin Baltimore bomber, German (commandeered) Re.2005 fighter, as well as various new infantry units such as Greek Oplites mountain infantry and New Zealander Maoris.

We transport the player to Operation Dragoon, the Allied invasion of the French Riviera in August 1944, with our fourth Nemesis DLC, the Nemesis: Storming Toulon. The Axis defensive-focused Verteidigungsbereich Toulon and the multinational veterans of the 1e Division Française Libre await your command. New units include Kriegsmarine Marineinfanterie, Commandos d’Afrique special forces, heavy Flak 38 105mm guns, M3 Gun
37mm, and many more.

Our fifth offering is Nemesis: Raid on Drvar, highlighting the ambitious Axis air assault to neutralize Yugoslav partisan leader Tito in the spring of 1944. This DLC features two unique battlegroups: the Axis light troops of Unternehmen Rösselsprung and the partisans of the Yugoslav NOV. New units include fanatical SS-Fs-Jäger, partisan Snajper, M.28
heavy AA gun, pre-war Yugoslav IK-2 fighter, and South African Ventura GR.V bomber.

See you on the battlefield

That’s all, commanders. We can’t wait to hear what you think of the latest Nemesis: Siege of Dunkirk!

We will return next week with our Men of Steel’s versus format.

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See you on the battlefield, commander!


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