Slitherine fête ses 20 ans

Le temps passe vite et voilà cette semaine déjà vingt ans qu’en Angleterre trois joueurs se sont réunis pour créer des jeux de stratégie mais aussi désormais un havre pour les wargamers. Particulièrement depuis 2010, quand l’éditeur américain Matrix Games a fusionné avec Slitherine, alliance ayant donné lieu sur nos PC à de nombreux jolis jeux d’Histoire et de Science-fiction.

Pour plus d’informations sur Slitherine, voyez le site officiel. A noter que jusqu’au 5 juillet prochain, vous y trouverez de nombreux titres en promotion à -30%.



Happy Birthday, Slitherine

The Home of Wargamers turns 20

This week, Slitherine is celebrating its anniversary. Twenty years ago, Slitherine was created by a small team of three. They were making the game they really wanted to play, and that game was Legion, a 4X grand strategy set in ancient Rome. Legion sold hundreds of thousands of copies and won accolades and awards when it came out.

“In these twenty years, we faced challenges, we built solid foundations and almost saw them crumble, we made bad choices, and we made great ones”, said Iain McNeil, Slitherine CEO. “We found real friends and made some rivals. We launched good products and even terrible ones. When things got tough, we grew up and rose to the next level. Today Slitherine and Matrix Games are facing unprecedented growth, and opportunities are growing on low branches like never before. We put on a few years, but we look forward to the future with confidence and a promise to keep making games for strategy lovers and never forget where and how it all started. Thank you, everyone, for coming along on this journey with us”.

Today, Slitherine celebrates its birthday with all strategy gamers around the world: huge discounts for the next days on Slitherine shop and Legion Gold free for every purchase, to let every customer play the game that started it all.

Each day from July 3rd to July 6th, gamers will find thematic sales, like “all Slitherine games set in Ancient world off 30%” or “all Napoleonic titles off 30%”: check our special sale page to see what’s up now.

We asked some of our friends, both from media and video channels to send us a short message. We were overwhelmed by the response.