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Matrix annonce que sa nouvelle simulation à l’échelle régimentaire de la guerre de Sécession est désormais disponible. Développé par Western Civilization Software, Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword offre un important niveau de détails en terme de reconstitution des champs de batailles et de représentation des effectifs de l’époque. Cela pour 25 scénarios sur le thème des batailles du début de cette guerre, soit donc ici Bull Run / 1st Manassas, Wilson’s Creek, Mill Springs et Williamsburg.

A noter que le jeu est uniquement disponible chez Matrix – Slitherine (pas de version Steam pour le moment), y compris via notre boutique partenaire, et que vous pouvez aussi librement télécharger le manuel ainsi que la présentation détaillée de quatre scénarios depuis cette page chez Matrix. En guise d’aperçu voyez ci-dessous les quatre captures d’écrans en basse-résolution des cartes concernées.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu voyez cette page chez l’éditeur ainsi que ci-après cette présentation en vidéo diffusée sur Twitch il y a quelques jours. A lire aussi en complément ce récent interview sur The Wargamer.



Arlington, VT, April 16 , 2015.
“The art of war is simple enough. Find out where your enemy is. Get at him as soon as you can. Strike him as hard as you can, and keep moving on.” (Ulysses S. Grant, Union General)

July 21, 1861, northeast of Manassas Junction, Virginia. The Union army aims to march quickly on the Confederate capital of Richmond in order to nip the southern rebellion in the bud. 60,000 inexperienced soldiers and officers are trying to properly execute the battle plans made by their commanders. Communication failures and lack of coordination hamper both sides, but eventually the Confederate reinforcements managed to break the enemy line and First Manassas emerged as a victory for the Rebel States.

Would the result have been the same if the Sudley Springs Ford had been defended? Would a multi-pronged Union attack have broken the Confederate line before they were reinforced? Today players have the chance to answer such questions and dive into other opening battles of the American Civil War with the official release of Brother against Brother: The Drawing of the Sword!

Thanks to years of primary research and unique access to some materials previously unavailable to game-designers, the latest wargame from developer Western Civilization Software offers an incredible level of detail and accuracy: battlefields, units, weapons and orders of battle have been recreated with a rare passion. Only those players who are able to coordinate the movements of their divisions and maintain cohesion at every level of their army will have the chance to avoid seeing their men retreating from the battlefield!

Rediscover the battle maps and histories of the famous early encounters (1st Manassas, Wilson’s Creek, Mill Springs and Williamsburg) that were the source of inspiration of the 25 scenarios available in the game from the official product page of Brother against Brother – The Drawing of the Sword.


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