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Paradox confirme la sortie cette semaine d’une neuvième extension pour Crusader Kings II. Intitulé Horse Lords cet add-on se focalise pour l’essentiel sur l’Asie centrale et par exemple les invasions mongoles ou encore le contrôle de la route de la soie. Pour l’occasion voici une nouvelle bande-annonce récapitulant les principales caractéristiques de ce DLC, dont nous vous reparlerons dans quelques temps.

Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu, voyez cette page chez l’éditeur, celle-ci sur Steam, ainsi que nos précédents articles concernant CK II, par ici dans nos archives.



STOCKHOLM – The kurultai has concluded and good news, my lord! You have been chosen the Great Khan! Paradox Development Studio arms you with new territories, new armies and new ways of ruling the restless hordes at your disposal in Horse Lords, the newest expansion to Crusader Kings II, our best-selling medieval strategy simulation.

Lead grand armies to victories on the steppes of Asia as you cut new paths towards the wealth of the Silk Road, India and Europe. Force mighty foreign potentates to become your tributaries and manage the cutthroat rivalries and feuds of nomadic society as only a Great Khan can.

Horse Lords introduces a wide range of new tools and mechanics to add even greater variety to what is already one of the most diverse titles in strategy gaming history.

  • Larger Map: The steppes of Central Asia are now open for you to conquer or develop
  • New rules for nomads: Now distinct from other pagan tribes, the Mongol and Turkic nomads draw strength from open pastures and large populations
  • Clan management: Struggle alongside rival clans within your nomadic nation, even launching civil wars to keep your khan on top
  • Tributaries: Vassals are often a lot of trouble, so why not simply force a conquered enemy to send u a load of gold every now and then?
  • The Silk Road: This great historical trading route linked the Mediterranean and the Far East. Exploit its wealth or pillage its trade posts
    Forts: New temporary structures you can build to hold enemy territory while your army marches onward

And more! Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords is available now from major digital retailers.


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