Drive on Moscow ressort sur PC

Paru initialement en 2013 pour iPad voici qu’arrive ce week-end la version PC du second volet de la série Crisis in Command. Au programme, une IA revue à la hausse, la compatibilité avec le système de PBEM de Slitherine ou encore un système de tournoi. Et mentionnons qu’en plus ce sympathique wargame bénéficie d’un prix très attractif, à savoir 9,99 €.

Pour plus d’informations sur Drive on Moscow, voyez cette page sur Steam, celle-ci chez l’éditeur, ou encore celle-là sur iTunes.

A lire également notre test de la version PC de Battle of the Bulge, autre jeu du même studio utilisant donc le même système, ainsi que l’article Shenandoah Studio : de l’art de faire un wargame pour 2 doigts et 4 pouces.


Drive on Moscow has released
A further step towards a new generation of wargamers

Wargames can be challenging, unforgiving, even inaccessible and frustrating at times. They can be ugly beasts to fight against for the uninitiated.

The Crisis in Command franchise, a series that started with Battle of the Bulge, managed to take wargames to a new level. Not because of the extra complexities or obscure features that made the game even harder to learn, but for the simplified and streamlined approach it brought to the genre. It pulled in a new generation of gamers and pleased the experts alike with its challenging, yet accessible gameplay style.

The new Shenandoah studio is now pleased to announce the release of Drive on Moscow, the second chapter in the series. The game releases today on PC at a very aggressive price. The game follows on the success of Battle of the Bulge, a game that clearly showed how much potential there is for the expansion of the wargames market. It also re-releases on iPad, with the addition of a whole new cross platform Multiplayer experience.

Drive on Moscow covers the massive German push in 1941 to the Soviet capital in a fast paced and entertaining way!
Players lead the Wehrmacht or the Red Army in a number of different scenarios or the full campaign. They fight against an extremely competent AI and race against the clock to capture Moscow before the Russian winter sets in and Soviet reinforcements arrive.

But where the game truly shines is in its multiplayer experience. It was designed with multiplayer in mind and with the implementation of the brand new PBEM2++™ Tournament System, it gives players the opportunity to test their skills in a smooth and flawless way.

“Our intention with games like Drive on Moscow”, said Iain McNeil, Development Director of Slitherine, “is to leverage on the growing e-sports trend and give wargamers around the world the opportunity to have their own place for competitions and challenges. We see these types of features growing in relevance now and in the future and we are constantly improving our technology to improve the quality of the experience for our community”.

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