Sortie de Panzer Corps ’43

Le cinquième DLC pour Panzer Corps est sorti, ajoutant 13 nouveaux scénarios sur le thème du Front de l’Est et quelques petits mécanismes supplémentaires au jeu :

Matrix Games, Slitherine, The Lordz Games Studio, and Flashback Games announced today the release of the fifth DLC for the turn-based World War II strategy game Panzer Corps, titled Grand Campaign ’43 East. The latest DLC continues its focus on the Eastern Front, centering in on the Wehrmacht’s last-ditch effort to stop the Soviet winter offensive.
Grand Campaign ’43 East comes with 13 new scenarios, extra-large maps to recreate epic engagements, unique objectives such as escorting damaged units to safety and headhunter operations. The DLC also allows players to save their core forces for future campaigns as they face off against the Russian Army.
The full scenario list includes: Kharkov43, Belgorod, Orel, Ponyri, Olkhovatka, Yakovlevo, Oboyan, Kursk Armory North, Kursk Armory South, Prokhorovka, Dnipropetrovs’k, Kremenchug, and Kiev 43. As a reminder, Grand Campaign ’43 East requires the full original Panzer Corps game to play.
For more information on Panzer Corps Grand Campaign ’43 East, click here for the official product page at either the Slitherine or Matrix Games site.


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