Sortie de Pike and Shot : Campaigns

Matrix confirme la sortie aujourd’hui de Pike and Shot : Campaigns, une extension stand alone incluant le jeu de base ainsi que l’extension Tercio to Salvo, et comporte un nouveau système de carte stratégique en plus de quatre campagnes, vingt-et-une cartes pour le mode escarmouche et deux listes d’armées supplémentaires (concernant la guerre civile anglaise). Pour l’occasion voici une récente vidéo présentant la bataille de Yorkshire, épisode de la guerre civile anglaise où s’affrontent Parlementaires et Royalistes.

A noter aussi que les possesseurs de Pike and Shot peuvent bénéficier d’une réduction de 75 % pour l’achat de Pike and Shot : Campaigns (utilisez votre numéro de série du jeu de base comme coupon de réduction lors de l’achat ; attention, pour la version Steam cette offre n’est valable que jusqu’au 27 octobre prochain). Pour plus d’informations sur le jeu voyez cette page chez Slitherine, ou celle-ci sur Steam, ainsi que nos articles Pike and Shot : bataille de Gravelines (1558) et Pike and Shot : interview de Richard Bodley Scott.

Pike and Shot : Campaigns est aussi disponible dans notre boutique en ligne.


Epsom, UK – August 13, 2015.

“The Lord God is my Armour!” (Gustavus Adolphus – King of Sweden)

Since October 2014, Pike and Shot has become one of the most active wargame series on the market. In less than a year, Byzantine Games developer managed to release a full-fledged game on PC, its iPad adaptation and an official expansion called Tercio to Salvo. Today the ultimate wargame set in one of the richest periods in European history, is back with a premium all-in-one package that brings a complete new strategic dimension to the original game.

Indeed, until now Pike and Shot was excelling at delivering intense tactical battles in the skirmish and  historical modes. With the release of Pike and Shot: Campaigns, players not only benefit from the base game and Tercio to Salvo content but also have the possibility to fight with 21 new skirmish army lists and get access to the brand new campaign mode. So now players can lead their armies in an entire theater of operations and take into account key strategic variables like supply, attrition, terrain or economic damage to feel like a lord commander during the Iron Century.

Pike and Shot: Campaigns includes 4 campaigns:

– Gustavus Adolphus, set in the “Swedish phase” of the Thirty Years War, allows you to play as Swedes or Imperialists.

– English Civil War allows you to play as Royalists or Parliamentarians.

– Great Turkish War, set in the period of the famous Siege and Battle of Vienna in 1683, allows you to play as Austria and Poland or as the Ottoman Empire.

– Pike and Shot allows you to match any two armies from 1494 to 1648 in a struggle for dominance.

Owners of Pike and Shot get a 75% discount when upgrading to Pike and Shot : Campaigns. Note that players who got their copy through Steam can only benefit from this rebate program until October, 27th.


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