Stargate – Timekeepers : screenshots

Après un long silence, voici enfin du nouveau pour la prochaine adaptation concernant l’univers de la bien connue série télé Stargate SG-1. Slitherine diffuse une série de captures d’écrans montrant différents décors, soit un avant-goût du contexte de plusieurs missions, ainsi que quelques éléments de l’interface. Le jeu proposera 14 missions, scénarios qui en théorie comporteront chacun un important aspect narratif.

Une ou plusieurs vidéos devraient aussi arriver bientôt, certains éléments du jeu ayant été dévoilés en exclusivité il y a peu sur la chaîne Twitch de Slitherine.

Pour plus d’informations sur Stargate – Timekeepers, dont la date de sortie semble approcher, voyez cette fiche sur Steam.



Stargate: Timekeepers – Screenshot Description

Eva’s shooting Visual – Eva can use her rifle to take out all the enemies within the red cone.

Setting’s Opportunities – In some episodes the player can use some of the surrounding objects to take out one or more enemies and make your life easier. Before clicking on the object, the player can see how it works and its range of action.

Stun Grenade – One of Eva’s skills is the stun grenade which is a really useful tool when the player has to take out more than one enemy. The blue area shows you the launch range of the grenade, while the red one is the damage area of the grenade.

Tactical Mode – It’s a mode that allows the player to combine more than one action from different characters. When the player presses “P”, it’s possible to assign to every character an action in order to take out more than one enemy even if they are in different locations. Both on the enemy targeted and in the bottom left corner, the player can see which action has been assigned to the character.

Weapons Menu – In the bottom screen the player can see the description and the characteristics of each weapon. For example, the menu can tell the player that Eva’s rifle is physical, can shoot from range, has an area of effect and is lethal.


Stargate: Timekeepers – Live event announcement

Welcome back time travellers,

The wait is finally over.

The first season of Stargate: Timekeepers is about to begin.

To celebrate the 26th birthday of the launch of Stargate SG-1, we want to give you an exclusive sneak peek of the game.

Join us, after Tea Time on July 27th, for a live stream event where we will show you new gameplay, trailers, exclusive contents and much more.

Get a reminder here.

Be ready, the gate is almost open.

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