Strategic Command 3 : patch 1.06

En bref. Bonne nouvelle, Fury Software vient de sortir une nouvelle mise à jour pour le troisième volet de la série Strategic Command, patch corrigeant surtout différents bugs d’affichage et de gestion de la mémoire, certains introduits a priori par une des précédentes mises à jour.

Pour plus d’informations sur Strategic Command WWII : War in Europe, voyez cette fiche chez l’éditeur ou celle-ci sur Steam, ainsi que notre test. Ou encore ce précédent court récit d’un début de partie Strategic Command – WWII in Europe : AAR Case White.


Strategic Command WWII: War in Europe v1.06 Update!


An updated patch is now available for Strategic Command (v1.06) and this should address some of the drawing and memory related bugs some of you have been unfortunately experiencing plus a couple of other things in order to further polish the game. The full change list is below:

  • fixed a graphics related memory issue that was causing a CTD on some systems.
  • fixed a transport unloading CTD when preceded by a naval cruise controlled unit movement combination.
  • fixed the hotkeys information section regarding Ctrl + Shift for Carriers, only Shift is required.
  • fixed a Sub error did not immediately reset the allowable movement distance when changing to either Hunt or Silent mode using the UI button ‘Set Mode’ button.
  • fixed an AI Transport unloading and loading CTD error.
  • fixed an Industrial Modifier display error in the upper left hand corner when fog of war was disabled.
  • fixed a ‘on_left_button_down’ error under fog of war when revealing hidden naval units.
  • fixed a Naval Cruise error when selecting naval cruise from the right click unit action menu.
  • fixed a NEXT/PREVIOUS unit selection freeze/error when all the units of a particular type have been moved.
  • fixed a Reinforce/Upgrade tool error that did not reset highlighted units to be reinforced or upgraded when switching back and forth between the two options.
  • potential naval pass through strength losses will no longer happen if passing through an enemy Transport unit.


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